Sleepwear for Women: Winter 2016 | Pajama Sets, Sleepshirts

From Victoria’s Secret silk to Forever 21 blends, here are the cutest pajama sets, comfiest sleepshirts and sexiest sleepwear for women for Winter 2016!


We dress good to feel good so why compromise on your sleepwear, it’s as easy and as it is fun. This winter let’s keep it stylish even in bed (as we always do!). That’s why I’ve chosen the best sleepwear ideas you can shop this winter. You can pair these lovely nightwear outfits with some of the winter accessories like fur slippers that we have featured in this article: Latest Women’s Winter Accessories for 2016 | Gloves, Scarves & More. Enjoy sleepwear shopping!

1. Long Tees

I just love to sleep in sheepshirts, so comfy and yet cute – especially the boyfriend shirts, super sexy.


BODY BY VICTORIA Supersoft Sleepshirt


Afterhours Satin Sleepshirt by Victoria’s Secret

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Hanro Modal & Silk Boyfriend Sleepshirt


Forever 21 Sleep All Day Nightdress

“Dress like you are going to see your ex-BF”: I so love the caption, something very bold to have on your nightdress 😛


Forever 21 Ex-Bf Graphic Nightdress

2. Night Gowns

Fleece dressing or nightgowns are very cozy for a bed rest and very comfy for a morning newspaper read along with your coffee. Here’s one in bold animal print design:


AUTOGRAPH Luxury Hooded Animal Print Fleece Dressing Gown


Satin Kimono by Victoria’s Secret

3. Pajamas

I feel that pajamas are a girl’s perfect companion for all her emotions. They have seen your tears of joy while cutting a birthday cake, tears of sadness after a break-up and tears of agitation while expecting an interview call back.


Forever 21 Drawstring Marled PJ Pants

I really like this cute purple one with rose print.


Rosie for autograph Cuffed Hem Floral Pyjama Bottoms

4. Sweatshirts

Among so many options for winter nights, long sleeve sweatshirts are, hands down, the best. They give the perfect amount of warmth and blending with cotton is like icing on the cake- just perfect. Pair them with stretch leggings, short or pajamas – whichever is most comfy!


H&M Pajama Set with Sweatshirt


H&M Pajama Set with Sweatshirt


H&M Fleece Top


H&M Fleece Top

5. Pajama Sets

Pajama sets are a must have for winter nightwear. I always prefer light colors over darker ones for nightwear, because they spread a very calm and peaceful aura, just the right ambience you would want during your sleep.


Signature Cotton Tank Pajama Set


The Mayfair Pajama by Victoria’s Secret


The Mayfair Tee-Jama by Victoria’s Secret


H&M Patterned Pajamas


Olivia von Halle Lila printed silk-satin pajama set


Cosabella Bella Ombré Pajamas


Rosie for Autograph Soft Pyjamas

So which type of sleepwear do you prefer sleeping in in the winters? And which out of all these sleepwear for women did you like the most? Lemme know in the comments below!

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