17 Short Haircuts for Women: Types of Short Hairstyles

Hey gorgeous! Short hair can make a girl feel powerful and what better reason to get ’em cropped? So if you’re looking for short haircuts for women, you’ve come to the right place. From bobs to crew to lobs, I’ve made a list of 15 types of short hairstyles that every fashionista needs to know about.


From formal to casual, I’ve covered them all, so you can find the perfect one for your personality and mood. I’m also going to mention what haircut suits what face shape.

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Let’s check them all out!

Short Haircuts for Women

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1. Crew Cut

Buzz cut and crew cut are the shortest cuts women generally get. While the buzz cut has very short hair (less than half an inch) all over, in a crew cut, the hair are very short on the sides and back and longer (one inch) at the top and front. So it’s a more flattering haircut for both young and older women. Since the front hair can be styled up or tousled, this is also one of the best short haircuts for a round face.

natalie portman crew cut short hairstyles for women celeb haircut

2. Caesar Cut

Similar to a crew cut, a Caesar cut has shorter hair on the sides and back and longer at the top and on the front. However, the difference in length is much more here. In a crew cut, the front hair can be as long as 2 inches, so you can style it in many different ways, such as asymmetric bangs, tousled bed-head, up-styled or side-swept.

katy perry caesar cut short hairstyles for women celeb haircut

3. Pixie Cut

A pixie is slightly longer than a crew cut. Generally, in a crew cut you can see the skin of the head since the hair is too short. Whereas, in a pixie cut, the hair is long enough to cover all the skin. Pixie cut generally has the same length of hair all over, and you’re left with small fringes on the forehead. Since it’s very low-maintenance, this is also one of the best haircuts for women over 40.

celebrity short hairstyles 2017 222847 Pixie & Short Haircut

4. Fringe Up

This cut has hair slightly longer than the pixie, especially on the top. The front hair is cut in fringes of different lengths, styled up. This is one of the best short haircuts for women with a round face, since it adds volume to the top, making your face mimic the triangular shape.

scarlett-johansson-fringe up womens hair hairstyles

5. Spiked Sideswept Pixie

This is a very youthful haircut, since the pixie here is cut unevenly, so it can be styled into cute spikes or just combed to the side. Lots of celebs go for the spiked pixie since this haircut certainly makes one look younger.

pixie cut short hairstyles for women celeb haircut kaley-cuoco-short-hair

6. Pixie with Asymmetric Bangs

A pixie with asymmetric bangs is a great idea when you want to make a statement or look super chic! In this haircut, the hair on the bach and sides are very short, but the ones in the front are cut unevenly. Some of the fringes are short till the middle of the forehead, whereas others are longer, falling below the eyebrow. This style is perfect for women with a large forehead, and also looks great on women with round faces, since this can cover some of the top part.

jennifer lawrence pixie short hairstyles for women celeb haircut female-hair

7. 90s Linda Cut (Pixie with Long Asymmetric Bangs)

90s supermodel Linda Evangelista made her short haircut extremely popular in her decade. It came to be known as the Linda cut and is trendy again. Even though it’s a great haircut for girls, this is also one of the best haircuts for women over 50, since it makes you look younger and makes your hair look voluminous. In this cut, the pixie has 2 inch long hair at the back and on sides, whereas the front has longer hair, styled up or to the side. It’s also a good option for women with thin hair.


8. 90s Curtain Pixie

Male celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt made the curtain hair very popular in the 90s. And as everything 90s, it’s having a moment again, this time in women’s haircuts. But the women’s 90s curtain pixie looks slightly different – it has a deep side part and the hair curtain is only on one side. This will be one of the best short haircuts for women with rectangular faces or strong jawlines, since the curtain will add softness to the face.

scarlett johannson 90s haircut curtain pixie short hairstyles for women

9. Mohawk

Mohawk is another famous men’s haircuts that you’ll see rarely on women, so it’s a very bold choice. The mohawk is a punk-inspired haircut. It has extremely short hair on the sides and the top has upstyled or spiked long hair, which results in a Cockatoo-style crown. If you’re one to try bold things, this is a snazzy choice! If you don’t want such a bold haircut, go for slightly longer hair on the sides, which is called a faux-hawk.

miley cyrus bold short haircuts mohawk women female celeb pixie hairstyles

10. Grown-Out Pixie

The grown-out pixie has hair slightly longer than a pixie cut, but shorter than a bob. Usually in pixie cuts, the hair shows down to the ears only. However, in this haircut, it can be cut till the neck or even touching shoulders. This is one of the most feminine looking short haircuts for women if you don’t want a bob or lob. Perfect for women with oval or heart shaped faces.

emma watson grown out pixie short hairstyles for women celeb haircut

11. Voluminous Marilyn Cut

This is one of the most flattering short haircuts for women. This 50s inspired hairstyle has ear-length bangs on the front and they are styled with large voluminous waves to frame the face. The hair at the back and sides is styled with large curls, too. It’s a great retro style to try.

miranda kerr bold short haircuts women female celeb pixie hairstyles

12. Bob Cut

The bob is one of the most famous and common short haircuts for women. In this cut, the hair goes down below the ears, framing the face. It is a very youthful hairstyle and is perfect if you want a change to make yourself look younger. It is also a great option for women with rectangular or square face shapes, since the front hair gives a softer look to the jaw.

The only problem is that it is a high-maintenance haircut, you’ll need more visits to the salon to keep the hair of equal length, as they grow out fast and become uneven.

kiera knightley pixie cut short hairstyles for women celeb haircutshort-hair

13. Choppy Bob

Similar to the bob haircut, this the choppy bob is more vibrant and chic. It has neck-length hair, but some of the strands are cut unevenly on the top to give the appearance of a messy, choppy cut. This is a low-maintenance option, perfect for working women.


14. Fringed Bob

This is another very popular haircut, donned by famous celebs like Paris Hilton, Emma Stone and Anna Wintour. It is a great haircut for women with triangular faces, and those with a large forehead.


Paris Hilton and Kylie Jenner both have rocked versions of this haircut.


15. High-Low Bob

This haircut has gained a lot of popularity over the last two years, since it’s a good alternative to the regular old bob. In this style, the hair on the front is longer, below the jawline, and that on the back is shorter, down to the neck only. It is a good option for round face shapes, since it elongates the frame.

bella hadid asymmetric bob haircut for women short round face

16. Lob

If you’re getting short hair for the first time, the lob (or long bob) is the best idea, since it is one of the longer haircuts in this list. The hair in this cut go down to the shoulder, and you can style it in many different ways, wavy, straight, curly or even half-up. Both Kendall and Kylie Jenner have been sporting this look.

Kendall-jenner-celeb-haircuts hairstyles lob long bob hair

17. High Low Lob

This is one of the trendiest short haircuts for women. In this style, the hair on one side are longer, below the shoulder, than the other side, which are till the neck. So go for this cut if you wanna try something unique!

asymmetric lob haircut

Hope this list of short haircuts for women was helpful. Which type of hairstyle would you choose? Lemme know below! If you try a new haircut from amongst these, do show me your pic by tagging me in your pic on Instagram @shilpaahujadotcom!

Muaah <3

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