Sexy Blouse Design Trends: 11 Latest Saree Neck Designs for 2018

From Sabyasachi to Manish Malhotra, from kimono to long blouses, discover the sexy blouse design trends for 2018!

Sexy Blouse Design-designs-ideas-how-to-trends-fashion-style-summer-2018Hey gorgeous! Sarees always play an important role in women’s clothing. They have got a makeover from the traditional to the contemporary design trends we’re seeing in 2018. While choosing a saree is difficult, what’s even more difficult is choosing blouse designs. So here I have come up with a research from Lakme Fashion Week and India Couture Week to help you.

So let’s take a look at sexy blouse design trends and quickly update your wardrobe with these chic latest blouse styles for 2018!

Sexy Blouse Design Trends for 2018

1. Bell Sleeves

Blouses with bell sleeves are so trendy! The sleeves can either be long or short and are usually fitted at the arms and flared towards the bottom. And the designers have taken a strong hold on this trend and are not letting it go anytime soon. Great idea to pair these blouses with plain, matching or contrast sarees. I’m loving the Anju Narain one!

2. Bikini or Bralette Blouses

Here’s an even more daring trend – bikini or bralette blouse! This season we’re seeing saree blouse designs with the front and back embellished and plain blouses paired with sheer, plain and sequin sarees. Wear them to parties or to your BFF’s engagement.

3. Fringes

The best option to add something chic to your simple blouse design is to add some fringes at the top of the blouse neck design that covers the whole blouse, on the sleeves or at the hem of the blouses. And they look even more amazing when you drape your saree in such a way that the fringes are clearly seen. Wear them to fashion events or to your cousin’s wedding. I’m liking the Manish Malhotra one!

4. Kimono Blouses

Kimono is a traditional Japanese garment. Indian designers were inspired by it and reinvented it into the Indian traditional saree blouse and paired it with the both plain and embellished sarees. These blouses can be long or short with wide sleeves tied with a sash. Great option to wear to fashion weeks or to your friend’s wedding or sangeet.

5. Ruffled Blouses

Ruffles are one of the most amazing trends in fashion, also one of the hottest saree blouse styles right now! Ruffled gowns, dupattas and sarees are very in this year. Ruffles can be at the neckline, mid-ribs or sleeves. Moreover, this is a great option for parties, wedding or sangeet.

6. High Neck & Full Sleeved Blouses

Amongst all the blouse designs, high neck blouses are the most modest yet stylish fashion statement of 2018. Personally, I’m loving this trend! You can opt for sleeveless, half or full sleeve blouses. High neck designs go well with all sarees, and are also perfect for office parties and weddings.

7. Collared

The best thing about this trend is that it gives a very classy and sophisticated look. We saw sarees paired with collared style shirts in fashion weeks. Also, collared blouse can be full-sleeved, sleeveless, or short sleeved and paired with your sarees. If you wanna make your look more stylish, you can add a collared jacket to it. Great option for any office meet or party. You can even sport this trend for your work colleague’s wedding reception.

8. Jackets

Ditch the traditional saree blouse and go for a matching embellished or embroidered jacket instead, especially in winter. Jacket is yet another trendy fashion staple to pair with your saree. Jackets can be crop, hip length, knee length or floor touching – they all look great with sarees. We saw embroidered and sheer jackets paired with matching or contrast sarees. I’m liking the embroidered sheer jacket by Rahul Mishra!

9. Off-the-Shoulder Blouse Design

It’s time to show off those toned shoulders this season, because the off-shoulder blouse design is in vogue. If you’re bold enough to wear the off-shoulder trend, it would make a really sexy outfit. A sexy blouse design paired with a plain, printed and embellished saree is popular. Wear it to your own mehendi or BFF’s wedding.

10. Kurti Blouse Design

Long blouses are back and super in right now on the runways of Lakme Fashion Week. This year, saree blouses are getting very long, like kurtis. Try these latest blouse designs for a unique, sophisticated look. Long blouses can be till naval or waist length. Wear them to parties or fashion events.

So those were the sexy blouse design for 2018. Which blouse design is your favorite? Let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

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