Schiaparelli Backstage Beauty: Fall/Winter 2016-17 Couture Show

Discover the latest Schiaparelli backstage beauty, with orange eyeshadow, refreshingly light and pastel-hued makeup looks and tight chignons.

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Schiaparelli-fw16-fall-winter-2016-17-couture-fashion-week-makeup-looksHey gorgeous! Paris Fashion Week is on and we’re seeing some really interesting fashion and beauty trends, as always!

The Schiaparelli Fall/Winter 2016-17 haute couture fashion show was themed around circus and fantasy. With such a theme, the makeup could have been really dazzling or dramatic, but it was refreshingly light and pastel-hued.

Not a bad decision, considering the subdued beauty looks balanced out the whimsical and flamboyant outfits. It was also a very contrasting addition to the seasonal trends as a whole, because we’re seeing so much of black liner and black eyeshadow on the other runways!


The makeup focused on creating a “fair face”, perhaps fantasy-inspired, with little blush and not much else. The nude lips were paired with pale orange eyeshadow.


Schiaparelli-Beauty-fw16-fall-winter-2016-17-couture-fashion-show-runway (11)

The models wore hair tightly tied into chignons at the back, knotted neatly without a hair out of place. That nipped in the bud our dreams of wearing day-dreamy outfits with Alice-in-the-Wonderland-like carefree hair!Schiaparelli-Beauty-fw16-fall-winter-2016-17-couture-fashion-show-runway-buns

Schiaparelli Backstage Beauty Gallery: Fall 2016 Haute Couture Show

Image Credits: Schiaparelli

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