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Sanjukta Dutta Summer/ Resort 2017 Collection with Preity Zinta

Sanjukta Dutta Summer Resort 2017 collection at Lakme Fashion Week had Bollywood actress Preity Zinta as showstopper. View the best looks of the collection!

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sanjukta-dutta-lfw-sr17-lakme-fashion-week-summer-resort-2017 (6)-showstopper--preity-zinta-designer-black-red-sari

sanjukta-dutta-lfw-sr17-lakme-fashion-week-summer-resort-2017 (5)-preity-zinta-designer-black-red-sari

In a collection titled ‘Mekhela Chador’, Sanjukta Dutta kept Indian ethnicity at the heart of all the looks once again. Bollywood beauty Preity Zinta walked the runway as the showstopper in a classic silk sari, black and red with gold motifs  worn with a backless choli.

Inspired by Goddess Durga and Assam. The collection seemed like a lesson in traditional Assamese silks and motifs of the Bodo and Miri communities in Assam. Singkhap (two lions), Kolki (paisley), Moourah (peacock), and the Pokhila (butterfly) were some of the motifs featured in the collection. Silks included Pat or mulberry silk, Muga a rare and gold Assamese silk and Tussar in its rich beige-gold.

Multicolored silk with a black base was seen on most looks, if not all. The silhouettes included rich-looking hand-woven saris, lehenga cholis and long silk skirts paired with backless cholis, button-up blouses. The colour palette ranged from white to blac, with grey, blue, red, green, orange and gold.

sanjukta-dutta-lfw-sr17-lakme-fashion-week-summer-resort-2017 (7)-beautiful-designer-sari-indian-wedding-silk

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1 Comment

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    June 28, 2018 at 8:52 pm

    Great blog right here! Loved this look on Preity!

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