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Samant Chauhan Puts a Gorgeous Twist in Bridal Gowns for 2017

Samant Chauhan juxtaposed traditional Indian embroidery on classic silhouettes for his Spring Summer 2017 collection at AIFW. View the best bridal gowns! 

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Samant Chauhan is a great believer of the hand-woven local textiles. For this collection, he went “back to the yarn stage” of the couture-making process. For a back-to-the-basics collection, Chauhan delivered subtle beauty, synonymous with the Indian bride herself.

The silhouettes are classics – sleeveless, strapless and some with conservative necklines. The interesting part is their embroidery, which is in the shades of floral pastels, and very Indian. Samant Chauhan took Grecian fashion as his inspiration for the silhouettes, and Aryan for the embroideries and motifs. My favorite look from the collection is a strapless bridal gown with handmade threadwork that at the first glance, gives the appearance of large and bold motifs of hand-painted flowers.


Samant Chauhan Spring Summer 2017 Collection: Gallery

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