Your Guide to Safest College Campuses in America

Campus safety on your mind? Worry not, here is our list of the safest college campuses in America that every student should consider before applying for college.

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If you want to put yourself in with the best chance at a lucrative career and improve your future prospects, getting a college education is definitely a wise move.

However, going to college can be very daunting for many young people. Not only does it mean living away from home for the first time, but with campus violence, sexual assault and other crimes appearing more frequently in the news these days, it’s natural that you and your parents may also be concerned for your safety. So, what are the safest college campuses in the US?

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Safest College Campuses to Apply to

Lincoln Memorial University, Tennessee

Ranked the safest college campus in the country, Lincoln Memorial University is definitely a great choice for anybody who wants to attend a great college without worrying about their personal safety. This college enjoys the lowest rate of crime of all the colleges in America and this is mainly thanks to the strong security rules and measures in place to ensure the protection of students.

safest college campuses Lincoln Memorial University, Tennessee

There are dedicated campus police and security guards that have a strong presence on-campus and students have access to an anonymous tip line where they can report any suspected crimes.

National University, California

Data from Nuwber reports no serious crime reports at National University in California, so if you’re looking to attend college in this sunny, vibrant state this could be the perfect choice for you. It’s a relatively small college with a student population of just a few thousand and a clear culture of friendship and everybody looking out for one another. National University provides students with a wide range of safety resources and there’s always security staff on hand to help out if needed.

Elon University, North Carolina

If North Carolina is the state that you’ve chosen for attending college, Elon University is a very safe and reputable option. This university is very popular in the state and there are tons of different courses to study along with a fun, vibrant and inclusive student culture to enjoy. At Elon, you will be protected at all times by a team of dedicated security staff who are committed to ensuring that students are kept safe at all times.

Arizona State University-West

Arizona State University

The State University-West college is an ideal choice for you if you want a safe college to attend in the state of Arizona. Over the past years, the rate of crimes here is extremely low with very few hate crimes, violent crimes or sexual assaults to mention. Student safety is taken very seriously and everybody has access to a large collection of safety resources that they can use to keep themselves protected while on-campus. If you encounter any problems, there are clear guidelines to follow and the security team are very quick to respond.

Texas: South Texas College

With great weather and loads of fantastic things for students to get involved in, it’s no surprise that Texas has become an increasingly more popular choice for students off to college. South Text College is a public university located in the stunning Rio Grande Valley, and it’s also one of the safest options in America with some of the lowest crime rates nationwide.

Hope our list of the safest college campuses in America was helpful. Let us know which university you’re planning on attending, and if you’re already in college, tell us about your campus safety in the comments down below!

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