Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s latest Autumn Winter 2015 collection was titled ‘Bater’, after the bird that preys. One of the most anticipated of the season at Amazon India Couture Week (AICW), the collection was inspired by the theme of predatory danger and darkness. What we loved mos about the show, even more than the intricately embroidered sarees and chooridars, every inch of whose fabrics were covered with sequins and threadwork, was Sabyasachi’s collaboration with Christian Louboutin.


The designers from the east and west collaborated to give red soles to the royal Indian collection. Christian Louboutin seemed quite impressed by Sabyasachi’s work, and quoted in a news piece at his company website, “I loved Sabyasachi’s work from the first time I saw it. His detail oriented design sensibility is magnetic and draws you in. I am very happy to collaborate with him for this collection. Not only do I admire his work but he is also my friend and I was delighted to be in India for his show!”


80 pairs of shoes, including those for men’s, all embroidered with the quintessential Sabyasachi embroidery and embellished with hand-placed sequins, were created for the show. “The collaboration is the result of great creative chemistry. It is a beautiful amalgamation – between Christian Louboutin and Sabyasachi design team between Paris and India,” said Sabyasachi.


Here, the signature Louboutin Victoria heel has been embroidered with the signature Sabyasachi embroidery using acid dyed burnt zardozi and vintage Parsi gara. It’s my favorite shoe in the collection:


My least favorite in the collection is the fringed peep-toe pump, which is “embellished with French knots to create an organic fringe” and also has the latest multiple strap and buckle trend. It’s very daring to couple these shoes that have Western sensibilities with Eastern-wear; but I feel the nonchalance of the fringes does not do justice to the royal extravagance of the Indian formal wear.

sabyasachi 3

Well, we’re awed nonetheless. What did you think of this designer collab? Did you like Christian Louboutin shoes paired with Sabyasachi couture? Lemme know below! 🙂

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