The Perfect Guide to Rome, Italy for a 2 Day Trip

Day 2

Take the metro to the Colosseum. If you have a Roma pass, you’ll get free metro rides and a line-free entry to the Colosseum, which is pretty handy in the months of summer when there are many tourists there.


Colosseum is the ancient amphitheatre and only the most famous building there, it hardly needs any introduction. It’s as grand and imposing as you would expect it to be. Only more. Walk around its circumference to take a look at the arena on different levels to take it all in.


Then walk eastward where there are lots of local pizzerias and lunch places with the most delicious meals. I absolutely recommend Taverna del Quaranta that has the bestest ravioli in the world. Ravioli with black truffle sauce. Paradise. Even the thought is making me hungry. I miss Rome.

Ravioli Pasta with Black Truffle Sauce at Taverna del Quaranta

Anyway, spend the late afternoon in the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.

View of the Roman Forum from the Colosseum

It is a plaza with ancient ruins of government buildings and several temples. Plus it’s a place with great views of the city and the Colosseum and of its own.

The Roman Forum, Rome, Italy

Don’t miss the Roseto Comunale, or the Municipal Rose Garden in the Forum, next to Circus Maximus, which has the most romantic spots and of course, gorgeous roses.

The Roman Forum is also a short walk from the famous Piazza del Campidoglio, the plaza designed by Michaelangelo, a beautiful square with an iconic flooring pattern.

Another option to spend the evening is to take the metro to Espagna station, and wak over to the famous Spanish Steps. It is one of the most famous views, although I frankly found them very disappointing, as it’s just steps with not much else, other than too many tourists.

As you head back over to your hotel, a great thing to do would be to get lost in the tiny streets to find a restaurant for dinner. I recommend the west of Via Cavour. Such as Via Urbana or Via dei Capocci. They have many restaurants which serve very authentic Italian food, and are not touristy. In fact some of them are very rustic and they range from high-end to surprisingly inexpensive. Ask for their recommendations for local wine and pizzas and I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to serve you the best of Italy!!

Okay! Hope my personal experiences and mini-guide was helpful to you if you’re planning a trip there. And if you’re not, hope it inspired you to go there someday! If you want to have great food, try new things and admire art and architecture while being relaxed, Rome wouldn’t disappoint you! Arrivederci!! 🙂

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