Riverdale Season 3 Trivia Quiz: Only True Fans Can Score 17/20 or More

Are you a fan of Riverdale? Do you wait eagerly for every episode week after week? Take our Riverdale Season 3 trivia quiz to find out if you really know everything that goes on in the show!

Riverdale Season 3 Trivia Quiz-ultimate-s3-knowledge

Hey everyone! Oh, Riverdale, Riverdale! We love this show – all of its absurdity and quirks. This girly TV series, which gives a dark spin to our beloved Archie comics, has got everyone hooked these days. Following the Black Hood drama in S2, Riverdale Season 3 takes the stakes up higher with many more murders, many more insane dialogues, crazy costumes and multiple villains! The Season 3 is as bizzare as it gets, really. After seeing flying babies, blue lips, costumed “ascension” parties and a teenager running casino night this year, Season 1’s forgotten plot-points of high schoolers fighting over prom and cheerleading squad seem so long ago!

But isn’t all this why we keep tuning in every Wednesday to catch up on yet another crazy episode? Riverdale is making us crave for sometimes-bad-sometimes-silly TV. It keeps us entwined in its plot twists and details.

If you, too, are hooked, you’ll love taking this quiz. My previous ULTIMATE Riverdale Trivia Quiz has been so popular, that I thought I should make a new one this time – a Riverdale Season 3 Trivia Quiz. ‘Cause let’s face it, this weird season needs a quiz all to itself!

And this one, too, goes along the lines of my previous quiz. It’s not an easy quiz, but it’s not impossible either. It’s definitely the ULTIMATE Riverdale Season 3 Trivia Quiz! To pass this quiz, you need to know more than just the broad storyline. You need to have watched every episode carefully while paying attention to the smaller details. From Gryphons and Gargoyles to the Midnight Club to Archie’s time at the juvie and in the woods, this quiz covers all the madness from Riverdale Season 3.

Only a true fan (with attention to detail) can score 17 or more points. Are you a Shilpa-Ahuja-approved-fan? Only time will tell if you have it in you…! Let’s go!

Are you ready?

So I hope you enjoyed taking my quiz? What’s your score and result? Lemme know! Comment below! Would you like to see more such quizzes on ShilpaAhuja.com? Tweet me @shilpa1ahuja!

Muaah 🙂

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