Resort Wear Guide: Look Uber-Chic in These Vacation Clothes!

Packing for a vacation is always fun and confusing, too! Wondering what’s new in vacation outfits and styles?! Here’s a complete guide to women’s resort wear fashion inspired by Chanel Cruise 2019 collection.

chanel-2019-cruise-resort-collection-vacation-fashion-summer-travel-styleHey beautiful! In a span of one month, half of 2018 will be done. Ah! Why is time running so fast?! Ugh! Anyway, with June approaching in a few days, it reminds me that I need to wait another half a year for a vacation. Aww! Poor me. Vacations are always fun as kids, but they get even better as adults!

So, with all the vacation madness I’m mentioning, vacation fashion is also something that we look forward to! Of course, not everyone owns a Caribbean vacation wardrobe, but there’s no reason your vacation outfits can’t look straight out of a celeb’s Instagram!

And in the age of social media, we don’t wanna miss a chance to click great pics with beautiful backgrounds, do we? But it’s difficult to be stylish and comfortable at the same time. From choosing the right clothes to packing them, it’s always a task to decide on the right fashion style while traveling. But well, we can never compromise with style right?! So, dressing smart and comfortable is key for good vacation pics, and for sweet memories!

Resort Wear from Chanel Cruise 2019 Collection

Chanel Cruise 2019 collection is out and it’s giving us loads of inspiration for summer vacation fashion! Karl Lagerfeld has come up with unique ideas, as he always does with every Chanel collection! Resort wear for women included stylish outfits and accessories. From style tips to outfit ideas, check out the latest guidebook for resort wear fashion below!

1. Striped Pants Paired with White Tops

The most basic summer clothing style – striped pants with a plain white top makes a classic vacation outfit. Go for loose trousers to ace the summer vacation fashion. Try fun summer tops like off-the-shoulder, cold shoulder or turtlenecks in cool climate areas. You can even go for ruffles or puffed sleeves to make it fancier! Pair them with matching white wedges or Mary Jane shoes. You can even try some cool fashion socks to make a statement!


chanel-vacation-fashion-outfits-ideas-resort-2019chanel-vacation-fashion-resort-2019-white-topAlso, read: Fashion Socks: Best Runway-Inspired Socks Styles We’re Dying to Try

2. Matching Sets

Chanel resort wear is setting new style goals with matching sets. Of course, we have seen this fashion trend in the past, too! But this year, pair your bottoms with a skinny pearl belt to stand out! Also, instead of different types of tops, wear matching jackets to look uber chic!

chanel-matching-sets-resort-2019-collection-dresseschanel-resort-cruise-2019-dresses-bella-hadid-vacation-fashion3. Berets

Chanel Cruise 2019 collection had all the looks with berets. I, personally feel hats should be on top of the things to add to your vacation packing list. Go for matching berets, embellished, printed or patchwork ones. Pair them with skirts, high waisted trousers, flowy dresses and summer clothes for women.

chanel-hat-resort-2019-patchwork-beret-vacation-fashionchanel-resort-2019-collection-berets-embellished4. Dresses with Skinny Belts

Skinny belts are here to stay! Belts with pearl embellishments are drool-worthy. It’s also the easiest hack to add a spark to your vacation dresses instantly. Wear them with flowy summer resort dresses or with a tweed dress for women in cooler weather. You can also complement your belt by wearing pearl necklace!

chanel-vacation-fashion-cruise-2019-dresses-with-skinny-belts5. Contrast Colored Jackets/ Cardigans

Black may be the safest choice when you’re too confused deciding what to wear. But just a plain black dress has become so cliché right? So, pair them with contrast colored jackets or cardigans to stand out! Try bold colors like neon pink, green or electric blue! You can even try them with other color dresses, too!

chanel-resort-2019-contrast-colored-jacketschanel-contrast-colored-jackets-worn-with-dress-2019-vacation-fashion6. Ripped Jeans

Personally, I feel jeans with oversized rips are perfect for vacation fashion. I can’t imagine myself wearing one for a movie or a date and getting unnecessary stares. But on a holiday, it’s a new city, new faces and new me kind of thing. Lol! So, try cropped or skinny style jeans. Pair them with a leather jacket or a tee shirt. I loved the pairing of matching denim jackets with rips on the arm by Chanel.

chanel-resort-2019-fashion-style-ripped-jeanschanel-resort-cruise-2019-fashion-style-vacation7. Multilayered Necklaces

Whether on a plain outfit or a basic white top, necklaces add an instant charm to your look. Try different sizes from neck level to chest. Experiment with pendants and shape of the necklace. Like pair a beaded one with plain one or a different color. Just play around and team it with fun summer dresses to get that perfect selfie look for your vacation pics!

chanel-resort-2019-vacation-fashion-multiple-necklacesAlso, read: How to Pair Necklace with Different Necklines

8. Bracelets

Bracelets are yet another easiest way to enhance your look. And the best part is they are fuss-free and they don’t mess around your hair or bag unlike necklaces. 😉 If you are not a necklace person then you should try pairing bracelets with your outfits. Combine oversized bracelets with skinny ones. Go for metallic, logo or beaded bracelets and wear them with colorful beach dresses or tropical wear dresses.

chanel-bracelets-resort-2019-collection9. Sling Bags

“What to bring on vacation?” is certainly a question that haunts us while planning a trip. And that includes bags as they are the most basic accessory. Carrying the right bag is essential when you’re on vacation. Take cues from the Chanel cruise collection and try sling bags, micro bags, matching bags or backpacks. While we saw broad straps, what caught our attention was the thin rope straps!

Personally, I prefer carrying sling or micro bags as they come handy to carry the essentials. And they make your travel easy peasy. I don’t wanna carry an oversized bag and run around a city. You can try cute backpacks, too!

Resort wear chanel-micro-bags-vacation-fashion-carribbean-wardrobe10. Scarves

Scarves, too, are essential in resort wear fashion. They take just the smallest space in your suitcase but can help you rewear an outfit by getting a whole new look. Go for printed or patterned scarves. They work well when you’re wearing a basic plain tee shirt or a top. Apart from creating a fashion statement, they even serve other purposes like protecting you from sun rays, you can tie it to your bag if you get bored of it and many more. Check out my article about How to Style a Scarf to know different uses of scarves.

So, in Chanel Cruise 2019 collection, we saw both skinny and oversized scarves. Pair a matching skinny scarf with a multilayered necklace. Or tie a contrast-colored scarf in a unique style or just drape it around the neck in cooler climates!

chanel-resort-2019-scarf-vacations-style-summerSo, that was all about resort wear fashion! Which style did you like the most? Let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!
Image Credits: Chanel

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  1. Really enhancing my ideas of how to convert urself into happening, dashing and inspiring. Would surely try some of the tips like bracelets, scarves and multilayer necklaces as i visit goa. Resorts are always adored by me. Last year also i was in a resort in goa(estrella do mar).


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