Remembering Boston: Spring Bloom

Just in time for the trees to start blooming in Boston, I am putting up some pics from when I was there, to inspire all you travelers who haven’t yet been to that magnificent city. I will write at length about traveling there later, but first – the inspiration! (Maybe my title was misleading – all these are from Harvard University) 🙁

Here are some from Massachusetts Avenue, or Mass Ave in Harvard University.

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And these two from Quincy Street that leads up to the Graduate School of Design.


Here’s me from when my hair was longer and this is how I look like without makeup, in case you wanna make a collage of those types of pics when I’m famous in the future!! Lol.


This is from the Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre School off of Mass Ave. Look at how beautiful this sculpture looks.


Across the Charles River, this one is in Harvard Business School, in a dorm courtyard. Wouldn’t it be just so lovely to spend an afternoon on one of these chairs under the blossoming trees? Only, it would be too cold outside.


Another sculpture in this courtyard. She’s called “Presence’.


Back on the John F. Kennedy Street, by the Charles River on the bridge, overlooking Harvard University. You can see the undergrad dorms across the bridge.


And then some more from Mass Ave…



I took these pictures on March 31, 3012.

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