51 Red Saree Captions for Instagram Pics You’ll Totally Love!

Here are 50 original red saree captions by Shilpa Ahuja. From sassy attitude quotes to poetic & romantic to funny ones, you’ll find something for every mood and occasion here. Thank me later.

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Sarees are pretty in any color, but red sarees – they’re at a different level. They’re truly are the epitome of elegance and sexiness, all in one. In India, we usually reserve red sarees for the brides on their wedding day. But anyone who’s fond of red sarees knows that they can be worn on so many other occasions.

Of course, newly married brides wear red sarees for special occasions. But then there are many other ways to use your red saree, whether you’re married or not. Honestly, I have many sarees in different colors, only one of them is red. And really, my red saree is the one I have worn the most amount of times. Be it Diwali, engagements, karwachauth or family functions, it’s the one I always reach out to!

And why wouldn’t I? It makes for great pictures, even without a face full of makeup. Plus all those sequins and dabka work on its green blouse – oh, it’s so pretty I feel like wearing it again even while writing this article. But I won’t – because how hot is it today!

Anyway, if you wore a red saree today and are looking for some good captions to go with your pretty picture, here you are. Forget Pinterest, I’ve created 50 red saree captions of my own to help you out! These are 100% original, and not just blatant rip-offs of the same quotes that everyone on the internet is copying. So feel free to give us credit if you use these red saree captions for Instagram by tagging us @shilpaahujadotcom.

Sassy Red Saree Captions

A very wise woman once said, ” A girl should be two things on Instagram – sassy and sexy.” Oh wait, you’re right, nobody but I said that! Ain’t I wise?! Well, if you’re looking to serve some sass with your sexy red saree pic, here are the perfect captions to go for. These attitude red saree captions for Instagram, are just as clever as you are!

Also, while you’re at it, here are some nice hashtags for IG you can use with your pics to get the attention of more than just your followers…

#sassy #diva #sareenotsorry #desistyle #sareecollection #sareestyle #sareeaddict #sassygirl #sassyquotes #redlove #reddress #sassyclassy #sareeswag

red-saree-quotes-for-instagram ethnic wear captions ig
  1. Give me a red saree and I can instantly transform into a filmy heroine!
  2. Nothing matches my love for a red saree, except my love for red wine!
  3. Sarees are red, blouses are blue. You’ll look so sexy, people may hate you.
  4. My wine is red, why should my saree be of any other color?!
  5. Livin’ la vida saree.
  6. I need some red saree therapy.
  7. Wear a red saree and be a part of every rumor in town.
  8. Girls who wear red sarees know how to party.
  9. 4 baj gaye lekin saree pehnni baki hai.
  10. Intoxication levels drop when a woman in a red saree enters the party.
  11. I may have all shades of blue on the inside, but there’s no reason I can’t rock a red saree on the outside.
  12. Nothing moves eyeballs like a red saree.
  13. I wasn’t born to be perfect, but I was born to wear a red saree.
  14. I may like my red wine, but I’m a red sareeholic.

Red Saree Captions for IG

So you have just came from a party where you wore a red saree. Or wore one just like that (no one’s judging you – hey, we’ve been there)? And just taken a picture to show off. Well, we totally relate. In fact, you look as hot as a fire engine in it girl! Everyone in the world from Bollywood love-ladies to goddesses — everyone wears a red saree. And why wouldn’t they? Red sarees are so special.

So here are some fun red saree captions that you can use. Here are also some hashtags you can add to make your image reach a wider audience:

#sareelover #sareegram #sareeinspiration #saree #indianattire #sareefashion #kanjeevaram #redlove #redlipstick #redsareelove #redsarees #redsaree❤ #bindilove #beingethnic  #sareetime  #sareelover❤️#saare

red-saree-quotes-for-instagram-beauty indian elegance captions
  1. La vie en red.
  2. I wear a red saree, and I feel like the sexiest woman in the room!
  3. Wear a red saree and make a lifetime of memories.
  4. Livin’ a red saree kinda life.
  5. Take me out where I can wear my red saree.
  6. There’s nothing hotter than a woman in a red saree.
  7. Wear a red saree and turn on the party.
  8. Red saree: the only investment that always pays off.
  9. Red sarees have the highest ROI.
  10. A day in a red saree is a lifetime of hotness.
  11. Become the lady in red.
  12. There’s always a reason to wear a red saree.
  13. Happiness always sneaks in when you wear a red saree.
  14. Be selective in your saree color: ‘Cause red is simply the best.
  15. Only those who’ve worn a red saree will know its power.
  16. Red saree always aims at the highest mark.

Red Saree Quotes about Elegance & Beauty

Are you the kinda girl who admires the elegance and grace of sarees? That’s why I’ve come up with some quotes for Instagram for red sarees that discuss the beauty of red sarees. Suits are best when they are custom-made. Ready-made suits are for suckers. Anyone who wears one knows that. So let’s start with some formal dress quotes for Instagram to use with your pic. Here you go with some tags to add to your caption & pic:

#sareelove #indiansaree #sareeusa #sareelook #sareesofinstagram #instasaree #sareetime #sareeoftheday #sareeday #sareewomen #sareegram #sareestory

red-saree-quotes-for-instagram-shilpa ahuja ig celebrity
  1. Wear some red lipstick to match your saree. Let your pallu down, lift your head high.
    6. Red pallu, beautiful you.
  2. Red saree is not always a dress, sometimes it’s a feeling.
  3. A girl needs two things to look beautiful – a red saree and a red lipstick!
  4. A red saree and some shine: a combination of beauty divine.
  5. If beauty was a garment, it would be a red saree.
  6. Who needs makeup when you can wear an elegant red saree?

Romantic Red Saree Captions about Love

Looking for some captions for Instagram to show your love, both for red sarees and that someone special? Everyone knows how great romantic the color red is – not just me. In fact, a red saree can bring out the romantic in you and your special someone too! It can make you look like the red rose and him your admirer! So here are some lovey-dovey red saree captions that you can use. These quotes on beauty and love are for every mood and occasion, from anniversaries to engagements. Here are some hashtags you can add:

#indianwear #indianjewelry #browngirl #browngirlhacks  #desilooks #southasianlooks #sareeseduction #sareepact #sareeinspiration #sarees #sareeonline #sareeblogger #sareedraping

red-saree-quotes-for-instagram-love traditional beauty
  1. I wanted to wear the color of my feelings for you, and here I am in my red saree!
  2. You are not a woman in a red saree – you are a representation of love, of beauty.
  3. Red love, long pallu and some shiny sequins – that sounds like the definition of beauty to me.
  4. I wanted to wear the color of my feelings for you, and here I am in my red saree!
  5. They say the redder your saree, the deeper your love!
  6. You, me and a beautiful red saree.
  7. You and a red saree – the only things that fit me to a T.
  8. Draped in a red saree, I feel like I’m walking in the color of your love.

Funny Saree Love Quotes

Looking for some saree love quotes and captions that are not specifically red-color-related? A saree makes you feel powerful, pretty, as does taking a picture in it! So add one of these captions and show off your love for this ethnic garment to the world. Here are some looking traditional saree love captions to add. And here are also some good ideas for traditional saree status for Instagram:

#saree #sareelove #sareeblouse #sareelovers #sareefashion #sareelover #sareeindia #indiangirls #indian #ethnic #indiangirls #bindi #desilook #bollywoodinspo

red saree captions-for-instagram-attitude traditional dress
  1. Don’t worry, wear a saree.
  2. Sareephile (n.) lover of the saree.
  3. Love you to the end of my pallu and back!
  4. Where’s the saree tonight?
  5. Saree to banti hai.
  6. Find me a guy who loves me as much as I love my saree.

So I hope this list of red saree captions for Instagram was helpful. Don’t forget to give me credits and tag me if you use one of my quotes (it’ll make my day!). And do show me your beautiful pic in the red sari by tagging me @shilpaahujadotcom on Instagram. and I’ll be sure to double-tap it!

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