Raspberry Hair Color Ideas to Bring Out Your Inner Sweet Devil!

From unicorn hair color to blonde to raspberry, there are millions of vibrant hair colors to get a makeover every now and then! Get to know all about raspberry hair here, for statement ideas that can be rocked both in summer and winter!

Hey beautiful! Hair colors are something people enjoy changing frequently. It gives an instant transformation and helps in getting a new fresh look whenever required. It is also the quickest way to give yourself a makeover!

Moreover, hair coloring is not that a tough job. The best part is you will not need to put a hole in your pocket by going to the salon – you can just DIY. Anyway, some of these are not permanent hair colors and if you don’t like them you can get rid of them within a couple of months.

One of the latest shades that is making heads turn these days is raspberry. Read on to know what raspberry hair is, different shades of raspberry hair and celebrities who are obsessed with raspberry hair!

Raspberry Hair

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If you’re looking for a vibrant color, then raspberry hair is one the best choices for you! From new year’s eve to your BFF’S wedding to proms, raspberry hair can make a real statement no matter what the occasion is.

Raspberry Hair Color Shades

Raspberry color is a good option when you’ve already tried the light colors like rose gold, cool brown, medium champagne, light purple, etc. and you wanna go for something darker or something bolder. Some shades of raspberry hair color include radiant raspberry, plum, raspberry rebel, magenta, red raspberry, etc.

If you think coloring a global raspberry color is a bit too much, then try highlights, balayage or under lights. Also, ombre raspberry color is also a good option.

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Raspberry Hair Dye

Raspberry hair dye is available in many colors like radiant raspberry, wild orchid, red raspberry, raspberry rebel, etc (see infographic above). Depending on how light or dark you want choose the best one. I’m loving the raspberry truffle color by Garnier. Also, if you wanna try something shimmery in the same shade, then go for the Power Red Feria multi-faceted hair color by L’Oréal.

Raspberry Sundae Hair

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Just like sundae is a dish of ice cream with added ingredients like cherries, chocolate sauce and what not, similarly, raspberry sundae hair means a mixture of two to three different colors along with the raspberry color. Aw! I could already imagine how pretty that would look. If you don’t want to choose from another color family other than raspberry, then go for different shades of raspberry color to get the sundae hair. Or go all out with a brown and cherry red balayage on raspberry color hair.

Celebrity Raspberry Hair

From Kylie Jenner to Rihanna to Selena Gomez, celebs are loving this hair color trend. They dye their hair or use wigs to get the desired hair color. Take a look at the celebrity images below to get inspired on how to rock this trendy color.

1. Rihanna
Rihanna’s hair color is raspberry ombre with lighter ends and darker roots. Not much difference though, but it is indeed ombre!

2. Katy Perry
Katy Perry’s retro style hair with light raspberry color looks amazing. She chose to have a full raspberry hair.

3. Selena Gomez
I’m loving the raspberry color hair of Selena with a purple tint to it. Side parted with curly strands – such a trendy hairstyle!

4. Kylie Jenner
If you wanna go subtle with raspberry color hair, then Kylie’s hair color is the best inspiration!

So, this is all about raspberry hair color. I’d like to get the raspberry sundae hair. What about you? Do let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja.

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