Rahul Mishra Spring Summer 2018 Ready-to-Wear Collection

From sheer to asymmetric dresses to slit skirts, here is all in Rahul Mishra Spring Summer 2018 ready-to-wear collection. Read our review!

Review | Collection

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Rahul Mishra Spring Summer 2018 collection was truly inspired by nature. The show was opened with a plunging V-neck sheer multi-colored striped gown followed by cut-out asymmetric dresses, bralettes with skirts and dress with jackets. And we also saw his dresses were embroidered on nature, animals and art. His nature-inspired outfits truly had a cozy feel about them.

And the most outstanding outfits from the collection was the ruffled gowns with layers of different textures and the floral embroidered jackets. And the highlights of the collection were the striped outfits with bees and nature-inspired embroidery. The color palette included multiple vibrant colors – white, cream, blue, black and white.

The most dramatic and appealing looks in the collection were the darker-colored gowns for an evening. Their stripes contrasted with the sheer panels, and had embroidery on nature-inspired animal motifs.

One of my favorite looks from the collection was a ruffled bralette paired with a striped multi-colored slit skirt. I also liked a sheer dress paired with a striped coat and accessorized with matching shoes.

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Image Credit: Rahul Mishra