How Can I Buy the Items Shown On Your Site?

Maria yianni asked 3 years ago

Hi shilpa, i love a lot of the the clothing items in the look book and general on the site. Where can I buy them from? Do you have a retail store caption linked to the looks? Thanks maria

1 Answers
Shilpa Ahuja Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Maria,
I’m so glad you liked our selection of fashion items and my looks. For the looks, I usually use items from my own wardrobe,some of which are old and not in stores anymore, and some I purchase from the stores. So I always mention the brands. You can find those at the bottom of each look post.
For the other items posted on the site, we usually post shopping links in trends and shopping posts. You can find specific shopping posts on our shopping page:
I’ll also consider this more, and will try to link my products in the looks to their shopping pages, too, in the future. Thanks for the suggestion!

Also, check out our shopping selections here:

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