Putting Baby Up for Adoption: Cost, Process, Pros & Cons

Putting baby up for adoption may be a difficult, even heart-breaking choice for some. How to go about it? What are the costs and things to consider? Get to know everything here!

putting baby up for adoption putting-baby-up-for-adoption-process-cost-pros-cons-adoptive-parentsHey there! There are many people in the world who can’t have a baby and yet can get the pleasures of being parents by adoption. Adoption is a process which makes one’s family happier. While putting baby up for adoption may not be easy for the birth parents, but there may be many reasons due to which people may opt to do so.

And that’s why we compiled a guide on putting baby up for adoption, so that we can make this complicated process easier for you. Read on know more about giving up a baby for adoption here!

What is Baby Adoption & How to Go About It

As you may be already knowing, adoption is a process in which the parentage of the (biological) parents is transferred to other (adoptive) parents. This involves permanently shifting all the rights and responsibilities of the baby. Putting baby up for adoption may be heart-breaking for some and some may feel that they are relieved of their duties.

From looking for the right parents to the proper procedure to cost involved, there is a lot to know before giving up a baby for adoption. Whatever it may be, make sure you’re putting the soul of your life in the right hands.

Considering Putting Baby Up for Adoption

There is so much for a couple (married/unmarried) to consider when thinking of giving up the baby for adoption. It may be a tough decision, but if your reasons are genuine, then go for it for the baby’s welfare.


If you’re planning to give up the baby for adoption, it is always better to make your mind up at the earliest. An early decision not only will help you be mentally prepared, but also find right adoptive parents who will love your child like their own. It’s in fact, best to hand the baby over at the earliest. One of the reasons for this may be, as the child grows older day by day, the attachment between the child and parents is boosted. This becomes difficult to give the baby away! Also, giving the baby at early stages makes sure that the bond between the baby and the adoptive parents grows, too. This will help the baby lead a normal and happy childhood.

Reasons to Give Baby Up for Adoption

Choosing a better life for your baby is very important. While it is not easy putting baby up for adoption, there could be many possible reasons for people doing so! Here are a few possible reasons:

1. Unplanned Pregnancy – When you’re not ready for the child, and you accidentally get to know that you conceived! Some people try to terminate their pregnancy, while there are people who may not want to take the life of the little one. Or in some cases, abortion may be unsafe for the baby and/or the mother. So, putting it up for adoption may be a solution.

2. Unaffordable – Raising a child is not easy and is also expensive. People who already suffer from financial crisis think that it is hard to bring up the baby with many needs to fulfill. And hence, give up the baby to adoptive parents who can bear all the baby’s expenses.

3. Unknown father- In cases where the father of the baby is unknown or the mother may not be in a good relationship with the father, the mother may want to give up the baby in order to stay away from a messy situation.

Mother Issues

3. Mother’s age – When the mother or the couple is too young to handle the lil’ one, they decide upon giving the baby up!

4. Single mother – Sometimes, it may be difficult for a single mother to raise the child by herself. Or her family, work or lifestyle may not make child-raising feasible. And then, she may give up the baby for adoption.

baby-adoption-cost-involved-giving-up-baby-for-adoption5. No more babies – Another reason to search for adoptive parents may be that a couple already has enough kids and they decide to give up the unplanned one.

6. Gender preferences – Many people desire and prefer for one gender over another. In that case, they think putting baby up for adoption is a better idea.

7. Ill health of the mother – When the mother is not fit enough to take care of the baby, she may consider adoption.

Giving Your Baby Up for Adoption for Money

Life already comes with many expenses to survive! For a few when it’s difficult to take care of the expenses, it becomes unmanageable to take care of a new member in the family.

Putting up baby for adoption for money may be one of the most common reasons. People who are financially not fit to take care of the baby. Or who are good economically but are not ready to take up the responsibilities of the child, opt for giving up baby for adoption. Money may also be the reason to have a baby in the first place, when adoptive parents may hire a surrogate mother.

putting-baby-up-for-adoption-process-pros-cons-costHow to Give Up Your Baby for Adoption

Whatever your reason may be, don’t feel sad for putting up baby for adoption if you are! You never know how the child’s life may transform after being adopted. To ensure the baby is in the right hands and can lead a normal life, you need to follow the right process. It’s better to do so legally so that you or the baby don’t face any problems in future.

1. Just like a doctor, teacher or a lawyer who helps us in different aspects of life, there is an adoption professional too! The first thing you have to do is appoint him or her.

2. If you plan to give up the baby immediately after delivery, then you can also consider opting for adoptive parents during pregnancy. In such cases, the adoptive parents look after the mother, her food needs, medical support and everything that’s involved. It also helps them prepare themselves and their home for the baby.

3. Decide on what type of contact you want to have with the baby and adoptive family post-adoption, if any. You can either keep it closed or semi-open. Semi-open is the one in which you can meet the baby once in a year or so. Closed is completely losing contact with the baby. So, make sure you decide well on this step and proceed accordingly.

4. The most important step is to choose the adoptive family. You can either contact them personally or find an agency or adoption professional can help you out. Meet them in person, get to know them better. After all you are giving up a part of your body to someone else. So be very very choosy!

Does it Cost to Put a Baby Up for Adoption

It may not cost to put up the baby unless there are certain situations in which you don’t find adoptive parents and you need to pay the adoption centers to take care of the baby until they find perfect parents for them.

Things to Consider

Looking for a Family to Adopt the Baby

baby-adoption-how-to-put-up-baby-for-adoptingThe foremost thing which any parents consider while putting baby up for adoption is finding a good family. You may not afford to take care of the baby but you want the baby to be in safe hands who will take care of the baby as their own child. So, choosing a good family is very important. Once you’ve decided to give up your baby to a family, you can do background checks and interviews to get to know them better.

Giving Baby Up for Adoption at Birth

As I mentioned earlier, if you’re sure that you don’t want to give the baby up after birth, you can plan and go through the procedure while you’re pregnant. In such case, the expecting mother’s medical and other care is partly or fully taken care of by adoptive parents. As soon as the baby is delivered, the adoptive parents are informed and they take the baby.

Putting Baby Up for Adoption After Birth

In cases when still the couple needs time to decide or couples who prefer one gender over other, they put up baby for adoption after birth. But if you are considering giving up the baby, make sure you don’t delay on this decision.

Giving Baby Up for Adoption Without Father’s Consent

illegal-to-pt-baby-up-for-adoption-without-father-concentThe parental rights are equal for both father and mother when it comes to putting up a baby for adoption. So, it becomes necessary to have father’s consent while doing so! If the child is put up for adoption without the knowledge of father, there may be legal issues both for the mother and adoptive parents. So, it’s better to take the lawyer’s advice.

In cases where the father of the baby is unknown or the father is not ready for the pregnancy, it may be good to consult an adoption coordinator, who can help you deal with any possible legal issues or affairs.

Regrets About Giving Your Baby Up for Adoption

putting-baby-up-for-adoption-process-cost-happy-familyAdoption is never an easy decision. But there may be times when people give up their child for adoption and later they regret that it was not a wise decision. Mostly, when you have agreed for an open relationship with the baby and adoptive parents, in which you can meet and greet the child regularly. In such cases, when you frequently meet your kid, you feel that it wasn’t a wise decision to give the child away. You get emotionally connected to the child. That’s the main reason why adoptive parents prefer a closed relationship.

There may also be a case where the parents plan to have more babies in the future and give away the first baby up for adoption. But they, later regret when they’re not able to conceive for any possible reasons and want to have their child back.

Can You Get Your Baby Back After Adoption?

The answer is no! The legal procedure that sets rights for birth and adoptive parents, makes it impossible to get the baby back as you sign on the adoption papers. And this terminates your rights off the baby. So, make sure you think a million times before putting baby for adoption! It is a complex decision and can only be made wisely by accessing all pros and cons.

So, this is all about putting up baby for adoption. We’ll be back soon with how to adopt a baby! Do share your insights on what you think about this topic by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja.

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  1. I like that this article explains how you can go through the adoption procedure while you’re pregnant. This would probably speed up the process and help with finding a good family for your child after placing your baby for adoption. If you do this early on, it could help you meet with the adoptive parents and get to know them so that you can be more comfortable and trust them with your child.


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