40 Pretty Hair Ideas Every Girl Needs to Try: All Hair Lengths and Textures

From long to medium to short hair, from curly to straight, here are the different pretty hair ideas that every girl needs to try!

Pretty Hair-style-fashion-beauty-hairstyle-haircut-for-different-length-and-textureHey gorgeous! Hairstyles define the whole look and have the power to completely change our appearance. And you never know what you’ll be in the mood for! So there are different ideas that every girl needs to try. Whether you’re a true fashion freak or have had the same haircut since 2005, if you wanna try the latest styles on your hair then here you go! We bring you the pretty hair ideas for all hair length and textures. And just waiting for you to experiment! Let’s take a look!

Pretty Hairstyles for Long Hair

One of the best things about having long hair is that we can try different types of pretty hairstyles with it. I know that maintaining and styling long hair can be a huge pain. Sometimes but once it’s done what you wanted it to do, it gonna turn people’s heads! There are so many options and styles that go with long hair. You can try loose curls or bangs, let them be naturally straight, create cute waves or go for a hairdo. Having long hair just makes you feel like a princess.

Pretty Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Medium hair will always be in fashion. It’s one of the most easily manageable lengths of the hair for our daily lives. Especially for those who are busy with their schedules. Play around with different ideas for pretty hairstyles like layered, crimping and experiment as much you can as medium hair is anything but boring!

pretty-hairstyles-for-medium-hair-crimping-wavy-haircutsPretty Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short hairstyles look great on hair types. Short haircuts are having a major moment right now! From lob to bob to pixie cut there are so many pretty hairstyles for short hair to go for! Pick one for yourself to flaunt your look.

pretty-hairstyles-for-short-hair-styles-haircutPretty Curly Hair

Pretty curls never go out of trend. This season we saw different styles of curls on celebrities and in fashion weeks. And they always look gorgeous no matter how long or short your hair is and what style you go for! Even perms are back! And so is big hair. It always helps to give a voluminous and bouncy look to your hair.

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Hair Twist

Getting bored of your usual hairstyle? Don’t worry! There are so many types of twists to try that will add glamour and save you from the boring ways of maintaining your hair daily. From cornrows to box braids to banana braids, pick your favorite and get styled!

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twisty-hairstyles-Hair-twist-pretty-hairstyles-haircutsBuns & Updos

One hairstyle that never goes out of vogue is the buns. Buns are indeed the perfect summer hairstyles for long hair. From chignon buns to messy updos, there are different styles for you to wear to casual outings and various occasions. Other ideas to try are the curly bun, topknot, half bun, half down and french bun. Adorn your bun or updo with pretty hair accessories like crystal hair barettes or pearl hairpins for parties.


Prim and Proper Hairstyles

The days of prim and proper hair are back! Not everyone would love combing their hair in a neat way, but if you wanna recreate this royal and classy hairstyle, sweep your hair in an immaculate way. And if necessary, add a good amount of hairspray to make it more elegant and make it stay in place all day.

pretty-hairstyle-for-different-length-hair-prim-and-ProperPretty Haircuts

Before fixing an appointment at your favorite salon, do some research and check what style will look great on your face type and hair and plan accordingly. If you’re not sure then ask your hairstylist for ideas on what style will suit you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a new haircut and give yourself a pretty makeover!

Pretty-Haircuts-for-different-length-and-texture-hairPretty Ombre Hair

There are so many ways to go ombre with your hair. Dark to light, reverse ombre, sombre, balayage ombre the options are endless. But it depends on you and what color shade you wanna go for. It’s safest to select a shade according to your natural hair color and skin tone.

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Ombre-colored-hairs-pretty-hairstyles-curls-wavyPretty Hair Colors to Try

When it comes to fashion, there’s literally never a dull moment. And just like the fashion colors, hair colors, too, evolve season to season! As we always say, changing your hair color is the best way to get a new look or a makeover. If you’re planning to update your hair color, try chocolate brown with different color stripes, blonde or burgundy with light brown streaks. You can also try pink, purple, red and maroon from top to bottom of a few sections of hair or just the bottom quarter for an ombre look. Or mix it up for a partial balayage, there are so many hair color ideas to try!

Hair-Color-hair-designs-hairstyles-cuts-pretty-colored-hairHaircare: How to Get Pretty Hair

Our hair can be the most gorgeous part of our look. Long, soft and healthy hair is every girl’s dream but sometimes we end up hating it. Maintaining your hair is not a one day task, in fact, it is a lifestyle. Thick, glowing hair requires loads of care. Have healthy food, wash every alternate day (or whenever required) with shampoo & conditioner that goes with your hair type and apply serum that will help you in getting back the shine of your hair. Deep conditioning, hair masks and hair oils also help.

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So those were the latest pretty hair ideas that every girl needs to try. Which style is your favorite? Let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

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