Pre-Wedding Props & Ideas to Make Your Photos More Romantic

From color bombs to your engagement ring, there are many pre-wedding props that will help to bring a charm in your photo-shoot. Forget the clichés and take a look at our latest ideas! 

Pre-Wedding Props pre-wedding-props-ideas-relationship-love-lifeHey there! A pre-wedding shoot is something one can’t afford to miss! We’ve already written on love couple images and a complete guide on how to plan your pre-wedding photo shoot. Now here we are with pre-wedding props. Props play an important role in photo shoots. For couples who feel uncomfortable and find difficulty in posing, props come to the rescue.

Pre-Wedding Props: What to Avoid

Props like placards, banners and signs with words like, “He’s mine, she’s mine”, “My cook, my ATM” written on them and heart cutouts are very clichéd. So if you want to try something fresh and new, stay from these props. Check out our list of exciting trendy pre-wedding props below!

15 Creative Pre-Wedding Prop Ideas

1. Musical Instruments


Whether you know to play the musical instruments or not, use them as your pre-wedding props. They add a romantic touch to the overall picture. The two of you hold guitars or let the girl just hold it and it would look romantic if the guy holds a mike. It would recreate a memory if any time you’ve dedicated songs for each other. Also, if you are totally loving it, then go for rock n roll style outfits or just throw on a leather jacket over any outfit you wear.

2. Candles

sexy-couple-ideas-bath-tub-candle-latest-photographyAnother one to add a romantic touch to the love couple images. Candles are best for the night or indoor photography. You don’t want to use candles outdoor as lighting up the candles in the breeze can be tough. Candles in the background of images or make a heart with candles to get the best pictures. So you can be creative and use the prop in the best possible way.

You can also recreate your candle-light dinner date. I’m sure a courtship period is incomplete without a candle-light dinner. In this way, you can get the best shots and will also help you run down the memory lane.

3. Flower Petals

pre-wedding-props-latest-wedding-photos-flower-petalsFlowers are timeless props that can make any picture look pretty and flawless. The bond between flowers and couple has always been special. Flower petals and bouquets are a good way to add glamour to the images. Try flower petals showering or just lay down on the scattered rose petals.

Another creative idea with flowers is to fill some recycled jars with flowers and tie them on a tree. Tie them at different heights and get the best close-up shots. Or you can go for split lighting with candles, fairy lights and rose petals for a dramatic shot.

4. Engagement Ring

recreate-memories-love-couple-images-photographyThis picture can be a memorable addition to your wedding album. Close up shots of engagement rings of the couple, rings on the beach and the two of you in the background a few pre-wedding prop ideas with rings. These candid photos will remind you of your bond and commitment.

5. Food

If the two of you are foodies, then show it in your pre-wedding shots too! A closeup shot with an ice cream cone between your lips, a cake or anything that you will love will help you get the best shots. Lollipop and candies work well too! Or go for cotton candies.

6. Sparklers or Fairy Lights

sparklers-pre-wedding-props-love-coiple-images-different-itemsThis is a fun and unique pre-wedding prop that works well for night photography. Sparklers that are most common crackers used in the festival of lights also bring stunning effect to the pre-wedding photo shoot. These are long exposure shots and you might want to discuss with your photographer. Hold them in your hands or use them as background with a bokeh effect.

In case you’re afraid that they may be risky, then go for fairy lights. They look lovely too. Hug each other and have fairly lights around you, or hang your fave portrait images in the background with fairy lights on them. You can also go for fireworks in the sky or night lanterns.

7. Balloons

couple-photography-latest-poses-idea-props-balloonsBe it a birthday party or baby shower or any special occasion, balloons are mandatory. They add vibrance to the images. It is a great idea to use them as props in pre-wedding shoots too! A jumbo balloon with the wedding date or a bunch of multi-colored balloons would do the trick! Or go for metallic shades in balloons like gold or copper. Hiding behind the balloons and getting a shadow effect shot is a great idea. Make the balloons prettier with colorful tassels.

8. Umbrella

umbrella-prop-latest-pre-wedding-photo-shootUmbrella is one of my favorite pre-wedding props! They symbolize the togetherness of two souls under one roof. Also, you really don’t have to pose much when you have an umbrella as it gives you something to do with the hands. Go for rainbow colored ones. Or try a bright umbrella paired with black outfits. Transparent umbrella with fairy lights on them will help you get a good number of likes on Instagram!

9. Sprinklers

Get lost in the artificial rain with sprinklers. Rain is an epitome of love for couples. So why not use it as the pre-wedding prop. This might need some pre-planning. In case you have time and carrying out the shoot in the same place you live then you can give it a try! Get some sexy drenched look photos with garden sprinklers as hidden props.

10. Pets

pre-wedding-prop-ideas-pets-latestWhy not include the furry members of your family in the photo shoot! Having a pet in the frame can actually help to ease up and take away the pressure if you are feeling uncomfortable and help you give natural poses. Dress up your pets and the two of you have fun with them and get the best possible pictures.

11. Blowing Bubbles

blwoing-bubbles-pre-wedding-props-latestAdd dreamy effect to your pre-wedding photo shoot. Blowing bubbles look great and give a natural effect. The use of bubbles gives one a feeling how happy and excited you look for the big day. You can also try blowing glitters or poppers.

12. BFFs

I know BFFs are not props but it’s is not a bad idea to include them in your photoshoot. They would be more than happy to be a part of it. Pose them with peeking from behind or pulling the two of you apart. For a more natural click, ask them to wear casuals.

13. Bicycle

A bicycle can really uplift the outcome of a photo. Poses like riding the bicycle on an empty road or sitting on the bicycle at the shore are a few ideas for pre-wedding props with the cycle. It is better to have a cycle with a basket as that will help you keep some flowers or your pet as well. You can also use a motor bike or car as a prop, depending on your preference.

14. Hobby Props

From reading to your fav sports, hobbies can add a personal style to your photos. If the two of you are book lovers, then create a scene in which the two of you are reading books with captions that suit the present situation or have a pile of book in the frame.

You can also recreate your first date situation in the images. Or use a memorable item that can recreate a memory of your first meeting or courtship period. You can even recreate your childhood with memorable props like video games or paper boats – anything that adds to your personal story of togetherness!

So, these are the fresh and innovative pre-wedding props. Which prop idea did you like the most? Do let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja.

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