Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot | Complete Guide for a Lifetime of Memories

Courtship period is one of life’s best phases. And nothing can be better than capturing all those special moments shared together with the love of your life. Take a look at our guide to get tons of ideas for your pre-wedding photo shoot, from themes to dressing to poses.


Howdy! We all know the special moments that pass by, never come back and the best way to sometimes live in them would be to capture all those memories and save them for later. As they say, “A picture is a poem without words.” When you look at an image, you recollect all the fun you had while taking it! Similarly, a pre-wedding shoot is the best way to recreate this beautiful phase of life and also keep the love going!

From themes to how to plan it, where to get it done, how to choose a photographer and more, let’s know all about the pre-wedding shoot.  Aren’t you excited to know all of these?

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas

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Some couples have a long wait between their engagement and wedding and for some, it all happens just so quickly. In either case, once the wedding date is set, the first thing you need to look for is a date for a photo shoot. Make sure the date you choose is not too close to your wedding day as it may get hectic and exhausting. Let’s get started on how to plan the pre-wedding shoot.

How to Choose a Photographer


Even if either one of you is a shutterbug, you should still get a helping hand instead of clicking your own pictures. It’ll save time, help get the expressions and framing right and make it less exhausting. So, a professional photographer is the best choice to carry out the shoot. Preferably, a family photographer or a friend or someone you can be comfortable with.

Also, try to have the same photographer for your wedding day too. This will also help the photographer to create a good bond with you. In this way, you can work out different poses, innovative ideas and themes.

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Locations


Choosing a location is one of the most important things in a pre-wedding shoot. You can either get the shoot done in your own city or go an extra mile and get it done at a different place. If you’re carrying out the shoot in the same place where you live, then you can choose nearby locations so that you don’t get exhausted by the time you reach the shooting spot.


Also, you can try places like where you proposed or your favorite hangout place. This way, you can recreate your courtship memories too! Lakes, beaches, hills, gardens and other scenic spots are some good ideas.

The shoot can be carried out just a few hours of the day so, to get the best pictures try early mornings or late evenings. If you decide on going outstation, then make sure to have at least two days. So that even if you miss on good pictures one day you’ll still have the next day.


It is not necessary to choose many locations, you can do the shoot at just one with different themes. So don’t tire yourself out by running to various spots. Whatever location you choose, make sure that it is not too crowded as it may make you feel awkward posing. Also, just relax and enjoy your better half’s company.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Dresses


From ethnic wear to evening gowns to maxis to skirts, there are countless options in dresses. Just choose whatever showcases your personality and makes you feel confident and sexy! Decide and take a trial on what dresses you want to wear. The photoshoot takes a lot of time to get the best pictures, so be prepared that whatever outfit you choose, you’ll be wearing it for hours together and plan accordingly. Wear something classy and comfortable.

You can either go for same color outfits or try bright contrasting color palettes, pastels and warm tones. Try not to have the same type of outfit that you would wear on the day of the wedding. Also, getting the shoot done in more than one outfit is a good idea.

Hair and Makeup for Prewedding Shoot


Loud make up is really not necessary, although you want to wear at least some! Keep the hair and makeup subtle and natural, if you’re not used to too much. Mostly, the shoot is carried outdoors so be prepared that you’ll not have a mirror or a makeup room to keep checking always. If you’re not sure on what makeup to do, then go to a salon and get it done. It is always best to have a trial makeup earlier so that you don’t regret later, especially if you’re doing it yourself.

Keep it low-maintenance even for your partner, because the hair styling may lose its charm. It should neither be messy nor overdone.

Pre-Wedding Shoot Poses


Posing is not everyone’s forté! You may think it’s no big deal, but once in front of the camera, one may start to feel uncomfortable. So, it’s better to think of the poses earlier and try them with your partner at home.

A few simple ideas for poses are looking into each other’s eyes, holding hands, wrapping up your arms around each other, etc. The most important thing about posing is the expressions. No matter how beautifully you pose, if there’s no romantic expression, then it’s all gonna be in vain. The two of you have to show your feelings and love for each other and this way the picture is gonna speak your story!


Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Props


Props add on to the glamour of the pictures and even make posing easy. Message signs and boards, balloons, rose petals, seashells, banners and your favorite hobby props can be a part of the shoot. If you are a pet-lover then sure, why not include the furry members in the pictures, too! Read more about Pre-Wedding Props & Ideas to Make Your Photos More Romantic.

Pre-Wedding Shoot Videos

Not only clicking pictures, you can make a whole film of it! This way, you can also show the story of how you met and how you have traveled your love journey so far! Short music videos are everyone’s favorites. They’re great to watch during anniversaries or even to show during your wedding. So get posing and let your photographer capture all your love!


The pre-wedding photo shoot is all about being yourself, having fun and enjoying being with each other. Hope you liked our guide to the pre-wedding photo shoot. Do let us know your thoughts by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja.

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