40 Positive Affirmations to Boost Your Confidence and Productivity

“Be careful with your words” is a phrase often used to a second person. But did you know that it applies to you too? Positive affirmations can help you feed positivity to your mind and completely improve your outlook.

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Before I proceed with positive affirmations, we all know that sometimes dealing with our inner demons and maintaining a positive mindset is quite a challenge. There is a part of us that thinks, do these positive affirmations really work? Does talking ourselves up really help us get through tough circumstances?

Affirming and manifesting played a role in my life. I will be talking more about my first-hand experience and other such motivating tactics!

Positive affirmations are great for neural pathways. Synapse is an interesting system. According to SimplyPsychology, “Neurons essentially communicate with each other through synapses. When signals have traveled through neurons to the endpoint, they cannot simply continue onto the next neuron.” So, it is necessary that we think positively. Self-affirming is a constructive way of contributing to this process.

Let’s look at some positive affirmations we can use to foster growth and positive communication inside our minds.

Affirmations for Self-Care

Self-care is the number one priority. You need health to do anything. When we get a bad fever, that’s when we realize how helpless and weak we feel. Practice gratitude and be grateful for our health and wish for the same. We need to be in one piece and capable of our basic tasks. It’s best to keep self-care affirmations at the top of your list.


1. I am healthy, fit and capable.
As cliché as it sounds, you primarily need to prioritize your health especially if you tend to ignore it often. As they say, “health is wealth.”

2. I know my body and it’s capacity.
Nobody knows your body better than you do, you decide what it endures.

3. Acquiring enough rest is my right.
Knowing that your body needs rest is essential.

4. Healing is what I deserve.
We do end up being victims of unfortunate situations, which needs healing. The first step is to believe that we do deserve it.

5. I am grateful for my healthy body.
Practicing gratitude is the healthiest habit to adapt. It helps you stay grounded.

6. I woke up healthy today and I will for the rest of my life.
Manifesting your physical well-being is foremost.

7. My family, friends, and I will always be safe and healthy.
Do not forget to manifest your loved ones’ well-being too.

8. I will make sure to get enough nutrition.
Self- assuring that you are eating well and getting adequate protein in your diet is important.

Affirmations to Drive Productivity
Productivity is an underrated form of generating dopamine. The rush you get out of completing tasks is unmatched. Try paying more attention to this in your routine. Even if it is something you don’t like doing, getting done with it contains its own satisfaction.

This helps with thinking that we have accomplished at least something and didn’t waste the day. Cultivating this routine does improve your mental stability. Some of these positive affirmations can play a part.


9. I am the master of my life.
Nobody but you control your life, your actions lead you to your destination.

10. I am focused and dedicated.
Repeating this to yourself will remind you to be focused and persistent with whatever you do.

11. I have goals and I will achieve them.
Remind yourself that you are made of goals, and you’ll do your best to achieve them.

12. Today I will complete whatever I planned.
Making a to-do list is a no- brainer when it comes to productivity.

13. I am productive and capable.
Tell yourself that you are competent and on-board for the hard work.

14. Quality over quantity.
It does not matter how much work you do, but make sure you have done quality work.

15. My work and I are improving day by day.
Acknowledge your growth and efforts. And don’t forget to congratulate yourself for them from time to time.

16. I am doing my best, whatever be the outcome.
You are doing what you can, even if things don’t always go your way.

17. I am proactive.
You will take initiatives to do new things, to achieve your goals and you will make yourself proud!

Affirmations for Self-Esteem

Self-esteem or self-confidence is subjective. Some people have abundance while some struggle, like myself. It also plays a major role in maintaining a positive mindset. It is a broad spectrum of self-loathing, comparison and other obstructive indulgence. These positive affirmations succor for some upliftment, to start your day knowing that you are enough.


18. I am worthy.
The first and foremost necessity is to remind yourself of your worth.

19. I deserve all the good and more.
Always believe that you deserve no less than good and better.

20. I am smart and hardworking.
Only when you affirm and believe that you are smart is when you see it.

21. My loved ones are proud of me.
Knowing how crucial it is for most people to see their loved ones proud of them, this comes handy.

22. No one can make me feel inferior.
Surroundings and people may always come in the way of confidence, but do not let them get you.

23. I look great, and I feel confident in my skin.
Though looks are subjective, it is important to be happy with yourself, the way you are.

24. My mistakes are in the past and I’ve learnt from them.
Accepting that your mistakes were lessons to do better in the future helps.

25. I have a bright future and I’m going big places.
The future always seems like a blur and worry, keep affirming that it’s going to be great.

26. I have a great personality and I’m desired.
Believe that you are desired and have a unique persona.

27. I love myself.
The primary step towards self-upliftment is to say that you love yourself.

Affirmations for Success

Success is a feeling that everyone longs for. There are so many factors that can affect your success and your perception of it. But what you can do is affirm or manifest positively so that while you work hard, you can also attract elements of it!


28. I am successful.
Saying it in present tense, helps manifest success in the future, so affirm that you are already successful.

29. Nobody can stop me.
You are on your own and it’s your journey. No one can hold you back.

30. Nothing is too difficult for me.
Make it known to yourself that nothing is unachievable.

31. I will set my own path and succeed in it.
Seeing others’ journey might intimidate you, but remember you have your own path. Only you can set and walk it.

32. I know I can achieve this.
Whatever your goal is, make sure to affirm that you can crack it.

33. I can beat all the hurdles that come my way.
You must remind yourself that you can face all the challenges.

34. I am strong and motivated.
Strength and motivation are the primary aspects in the journey of achieving.

35. I am limitless.
The sky is the limit for your dreams, nothing below that.

Although positive affirmations are global, women go through some hardships that cannot be obliterated. Yes! We do deserve a separate set of affirmations that can empower us.

36. I am beyond my beauty.
Sometimes beauty can be a benchmark that is superficial. Remind yourself that there’s more to you than that.

37. No man can show me my place.
Do not let any sexist remarks or a man’s bad opinion tear you down, or even another woman’s for that matter.

38. I’ll never stop being graceful, even if those around me sometimes aren’t.
You can’t change the way someone treats you, but you can change your reaction to it.

39. I am who I am, and I will be the woman I want to be.
Being yourself while striving to grow is the way.

40. One day I will foster change in the world.
Strive to be exceptional and bring positive change in the world.

The Power of Manifestation

The power of manifestation is basically the law of attraction, which I came across the magic of when I read a popularly known book called The Secret. It is the concept of telling the universe about your goals and wishes, and attracting them into your life. According to this book, positive or negative thoughts reflect similar experiences into a person’s life.

I know this is pseudoscience, but it never hurts to think positive and make few wishes!


Manifestation and positive affirmations are both interconnected. Manifesting is requesting the universe to make your wish happen in the future. Affirming is telling yourself you’re good enough, even without your wish coming true.

I’ve experienced the power of manifestation and positive affirmations myself. It was 2020 when things hit rock bottom and all I wanted was to be happy. I started manifesting it. I used simple positive sentences to say my wishes out loud, without complicating my thoughts.

I simply said “I will be happy.” It is said to be more effective when you say it in the present tense, i.e. “I am happy.” Rest assured; I did see results. I was happy in the span of few months. I highly recommend manifesting and using the listed positive affirmations on a daily basis. You’ll have to be consistent, patient and not too unrealistic to see the results.

For more such uplifting articles from ShilpaAhuja.com, keep reading because we got your back. Happy affirming!

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