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Just like Paris, Sydney, Prague, and Venice, Las Vegas is on many people’s travel bucket lists. It has lots to offer to every type of traveler – gamblers, party hoppers, shoppers, foodies, fashionistas, photographers.

Why Should you visit:

Las Vegas, referred by some as ‘Sin City‘, and ‘Disney world for adults‘, is most famous for its casinos, adult-entertainment and night-life. Tourism in the city is known best for it’s theme-based resorts with themes ranging from Rome, Venice to Egypt and New York. Vegas is also big on shopping, ranging from premium brand stores to inexpensive imported stuff. The city is mostly huddled around what is called ‘the Strip‘, that has most resorts, shops, restaurants and casinos. That’s why it makes for an ideal weekend getaway, because you can see everything easily in 2 days. What’s more, you can even take a day trip to the Grand Canyon (watch this space for a guide on that)!

When to Visit:

Vegas has hot desert climate, so March and October are the best months to visit, with cool temperatures, when you can easily shop or walk outside without being cold, yet warm enough to be able to wear shorts or dresses.

Where to Stay:

Connectivity is easy with the monorail that connects many hotels. So it’s a good idea to stay at one of the stops. Lots of the resorts in Vegas are owned by MGM, so you can just go over to their website and find a hotel per availability and budget. I recommend something within or as close as possible to the City Center, because (as the name suggests) it’s in the center.


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