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I know how most of us have limited vacation time, limited budgets, and tight travel schedules. That’s why I decided to start this travel series on “2 Day trips” to help my readers plan tiny, last-minute vacations to the top travel destinations. So next time you decide to go on a weekend trip, or get 2 days free on a business tour, you can spend less time planning and more time relaxing, and make the best use of your 2 days in the new city!

And I start with Bilbao, a city so rich with art and architecture, with numerous day trip options, and yet so frequently missed by the average tourist.


About Bilbao, Spain:

Bilbao is a small city north of Spain, mostly famous for its Guggenheim museum, because of which it is considered an important European art district. The Guggenheim museum, which really brought Bilbao on the world map, is designed by architect Frank Gehry. Its architectural form is inspired by a fish and a rose, and its façade is inspired by the industrial history of the city. Bilbao also has lots of street art, art galleries and architecture to see. It has its own character, what with all the industrial neighborhoods, river bank, and graffiti. There are lots of day-trips you can make from the city (see below). Though I should add that having a little knowledge of Spanish may come in handy here!

Where to stay:

The best place to stay would be somewhere walking distance from the Guggenheim museum, in areas such as Deusto, Moyua, and Uribarri. You can also be near a bus stop or a metro station, but if you’re near the museum, then you’ll practically be able to walk to most of the tourist spots.


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