Photographer Alfredo Arteta Shares the Story Behind Our Feb Cover

Alfredo Arteta is the man behind our February 2022 magazine cover, along with the creative, Sarah Blevins Dungy, the model & MUA Lauren Haley Whitlock. The boudoir photographer shares his journey, and the art & emotion behind the editorial shoot.

Photographer Alfredo Arteta Shares the Story Behind Our fashion magazine Cover Lauren Haley Whitlock

I am the face behind the camera for Arteta Photography out of Mansfield, TX. My creative team is Sarah Blevins Dungy who assists with posing, wardrobe and anything that will help make the shots come out amazing. Originally from NY, I love shooting different concepts. Photography is an amazing artistic vehicle that I love to be creative with.

My Photography Career & Journey

I have been a professional photographer for 5 years, but have been shooting on and off since I was 9. My parents are originally from Colombia, but met in NYC in 1970. I was born in Manhattan in 1971 and raised there till I was 21.

Photography has always been fascinating to me because you’re capturing miniature time capsules, stories and different perspectives. How do you beat a job like that? It can be a job or hobby and the spectrum of specialties is always growing.

Photographer Alfredo Arteta Shares the Story Behind Our Feb Cover Lauren Haley Whitlock

I started out shooting just weddings, automotive and portraiture. But then I expanded into shooting models, particularly boudoir and have made that my primary specialty. My inspiration behind my concepts typically range from the strange to fantasy. I typically prefer unique concepts. What can I do stand out amongst the thousands of photographers in my area? What do I see that others don’t?

Storytelling in Photography: Reminiscence

The editorial shoot of the cover model Lauren, was inspired by the memory of her mom in her mom’s dress.

Photographer Alfredo Arteta Shares the Story Behind Our Feb Cover phtographer feature cover

The Model

Lauren Haley Whitlock is the proud owner of smoke & mirrors hemp based salon in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, with 12 years’ experience in the beauty industry. She owes it all to her late mother Kim Raylene Whitlock, whose dress she’s modeling on the cover of this issue.

Photographer Alfredo Arteta fashion photography Lauren Haley Whitlock


Sarah Dungy is my Creative Director. She lives in Dallas, TX with her husband and two children. She enjoys creating art with photography through unique props, poses, locations and lighting. Sarah loves refining every detail of the unordinary to find the perfect picture.

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