People’s Choice Awards 2016 took place last evening (January 6, 2016) in Los Angeles, California. And there were so many gorgeous red carpet dresses! From Sandra Bullock to Kate Hudson to Dakota Johnson and Lucy Hale, there were gowns, mini-dresses, cocktail midis and crop tops!


Dakota Johnson definitely stole the all headlines with her wardrobe malfunction, when she was up at the stage to receive her award for the Best Dramatic Actress. The presenter, Leslie Mann, accidentally “broke” her dress while hugging her. Here she is walking up to the stage in her crop top and skirt:

Dakota Johnson

But cheers to Dakota for handling it like a pro, and making a joke about it, saying, “Well, it’s not like nobody here hasn’t already seen my boobs!”

Here’s Kate Hudson in a white strapless jumpsuit, which I would love – for the summer though!

Kate Hudson

Sandra Bullock in a red lace mini-dress as she accepts the award for Favorite Movie Actress onstage.

Sandra Bullock

Here’s the gorgeous Priyanka Chopra in a sequin gold and silver midi-dress. She won the award for her New TV series ‘Quantico’.

Priyanka Chopra

Check out the cute Lucy Hale in a black lace and ruffle dress. I’m loving this new skirt length – just above the ankles. Let’s give it a name. Like a long midi (lidi) or a short maxi (shaxi). 😛

peoples-choice-awards-red-carpet-dresses-2016-lucy -hale
Lucy Hale

Anbar Valletta’s nude one-shoulder dress with side cut-outs is one of my favorite dresses in the lot. It’s very sexy without being too ostentatious.

Anbar Valletta

Here are some more of my favorites:

Juilanne Hough
peoples-choice-awards-red-carpet-dresses-2016-keke -palmer
Keke Palmer
Alison Brie-
Abigail Spencer
Carly Rae Jepsen
Maggie Lawson

Maddie Ziegler
Meghan Trainor
Renee Olestead
Christina Milian

And here are my least favorite dresses:

Rosci Diaz in a black gown with a really skin-hugging and weirdly tasteless top. I like the trailing skirt though.

Rosci Diaz

Shay Mitchell’s slit dress and shoes are actually gorgeous – all except for the slit stripes that almost look like a pair of metallic striped shorts and are very unflattering.

Shay Mitchell

Shelley Hennig in this crossed jumpsuit – I like the underboob-showing top part, but if it were attached to a gown. Because for some reason. her pants remind me of my Zumba outfit pants, so, nooo!

Shelley Hennig

Lea Michele’s black mini-dress is really not my favorite on her – particularly because of the uncomfy looking sleeves, and the leaf pattern.

Lea Michele

Here are two handsome men to cleanse our palettes after seeing those dresses:

Chris Hemsworth
Johnny Depp

So, those were the best (and worst) People’s Choice Awards 2016 dresses. And a wardrobe malfunction drama. And two handsome men! Which one of those dresses did you like the most? Which one did I miss? Comment below! Lemme know! 🙂

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  1. Somehow I also like jumpsuits and I loved the way Dakota handles the situation. Women should be that much confident to handle such incidences.