Try Patchwork Dresses and Accessories This Season

The patchwork is no longer a granny thing: it’s back with a twist. Check out the latest trend in patchwork dresses and accessories for Fall 2016!

patchwork-dresses-accessories-fall-winter-2016-latest-trendsHey! You know what? Patchwork dresses which we have been seeing since ages are back this season but yes, with a new twist! This year the design that combines bits and pieces of fabric is redefined by design houses like Moschino and Christian Louboutin. It’s all over the runways and designer collections. It is being seen not only in dresses but in accessories, too! Let’s check out this latest trend.

Patchwork Dresses: The New Twist in 2016

Here’s how the traditional patchwork is different from the latest version. The bag on the left is from Chanel Cruise Collection 2011, which uses the traditional design. We see the bits and pieces being joined to give it a perfect mashed-up look. The stitch-line is also prominent and shows the multiple pieces used together.

On the right, the blue clutch by Jimmy Choo is made out of patchwork but at the first glance, it does not seem so. And yes, this is the new twist in patchwork dresses and accessories trending these days. It looks somewhat like color-blocking but is really just patchwork. Let’s call it color-blocking-patchwork! 😉

We have also been seeing this trend in skirts, denims, jackets and even in shoes. The pencil skirt by Tom Ford Fall/Winter 2016 collection even goes as far as to create a pattern or design using patchwork on velvet fabric.

My favorite from the patchwork trend is the jacket by Moschino Fall Winter 2015 collection. It may be from last year, but I’m still loving the party look it gives with a few patches of metallics.

Image credit: Moschino

So, did you like the patchwork fashion for Fall 2016? Also, let me know if you loved the authentic one or the one with the twist? I’ll be writing more about patchwork dresses and accessories shopping, so stay tuned!

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