Osinachi Okoye: Blogging Has Been an Incredible Journey in My Life

Osinachi Okoye has been blogging only for 4 months now! But her journey is incredible as she reveals tiny details about blogging. From struggles of blogging to doing the right makeup according to her skin tone, read Osinachi’s story here!


My name is Osinachi Okoye. I am a young Nigerian Nichless blogger living a life in the confusing world that is England. My style reflects my personality. I view myself as bubbly, bright and full of energy. I aim to show positivity and color in my style. As much as many fashion styles look intriguing, I try and maintain a modest look. And that’s because I am a Jehovah witness and I don’t personally feel showing off flesh really enhances attractiveness. Frankly, my style isn’t hindered by my choice of length of dresses but its open to more searches and wonderful finds.

Blogging so far has been an incredible journey in my life and I’ve only been doing it for 4 months now. Right from the beginning, I’ve loved writing but what I didn’t realize was, I was so bad at it. However, the blogging community has helped me improve so much, and their support inspires me to improve more.

I feel I am blessed, my love of color could have been obstructed by my skin tone. However, I do not feel that this is the case. I believe that bright colors work fabulously with it. Who doesn’t know that a black girl doesn’t rock a yellow dress? Now makeup, that’s a whole different issue. I am terrible at matching my skin tone, but my solution to this is, put as little makeup unless the event is important enough!

I call this look, the smiley receptionist. One of my favorite minis from new look of years ago and a collared top also from New Look. As much as the clothes are made from New Look, I personally purchased them from charity shops, as it helps me select a variety of outfits whilst learning about my style. Finally, the blue not so waterproof coat is one of my favorites, except it has no practical reasons, solely for fashion. Another charity purchase and sadly not a clear label.

fashion-influencer-style-trends-skirt-glassesThis is me loving my new house and the perfect background it’s given me for my pictures and the perfect lighting. So my outfit highlights my old style charity skirt originally from Pitlochry knitwear and accompanied by an off-shoulder top from SHEIN, an online shop. The skirt really is a perfect example of my style. It’s quirky, old-fashioned and bright. I’m a lover of accessories, however, I am terrible at wearing any. With this look, the length of the neck of the top allows the easy decision to not wear a necklace, and that is the decision I’ve taken. I’ve also completed the look with buns, one of my top favorite hairstyles.

slubblogger-blog-competition-fashion-influencer-styleMy wonderfully bright orange trousers from PrettyLittleThing (another charity find) coupled with a white lace top. I particularly admire this look because of the bold color of the trousers. But I personally love the smart look. The style of the trousers are just fitted, it fits just right without feeling uncomfortably tight but also loose enough to not feel baggy and unattractive. One thing I’m terrible at is finding my right sizes. I often end up with clothes that are too big because I remain unaware of how thin I am, I have suffered from lack of confidence.

slubblogger-of-the-week-fashion-style-white-topOne of my favorite dresses from AXparis, as it is pretty and it makes me look skinny, haha. I love the style, over the knee length, what I particularly love about the dress is, the neckline design. Another thing I love in dresses is when the design is supported, what I mean by this is due to the unlikelihood of wearing a bra with the dress, the dress has been designed with the padding underneath, although my breasts are small enough to just sit comfortably. Also, check out my blog, Awkwardfordays.com and Instagram, @awkwardfordaysx

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