Organic Chocolate & All You Need to Know About It

Are chocolates healthy?! Well, organic raw chocolates are full of goodness. From benefits to taste to types, we have listed everything about organic chocolate here!

organic chocolate organic-chocolates-cocoa-beans-inredients-brandsEating organic food is the new definition of staying healthy. From organically grown vegetables to fruits to even chocolate, these organic products are stealing the show! The organically grown products are same as the regular ones, the only exception being that organic products are grown without the use of pesticides. They also use natural fertilizers like manure or compost to feed soil and plants. Now I’m not gonna bore you with all the technicality here but along with organic products, organic chocolates have been the most sought product off late.

So, let’s check out about organic chocolate…

What is Organic Chocolate?

Chocolates that use organically grown cocoa and are certified as organic by the National Organic program are called organic chocolates. They have a wide variety like milk, white, dark chocolates, truffles and more!

Benefits of Organic Chocolate

There are numerous benefits of chocolates, whether organic or not. But remember the amount of sugar added makes all the difference in how beneficial it is. However, cocoa alone helps to fight diabetes, protects skin, boosts heart health and lifts your mood! But what makes organic chocolates so special? After researching about organic chocolates and by taking a few inputs from DietHealthClub, I have listed the benefits of organic chocolate. Let’s check out!

Organic chocolates advantages

1. The temperature of the raw chocolate is kept at 40°C. The process of supplying minimal heat to the food helps to retain the minerals and natural antioxidants.

2. Organic chocolates don’t use canned sugar but use natural sweeteners like nectar or organic sugars. However, organic chocolates are bitter compared to the conventional ones, which means the sugar content is really less. Also, other ingredients in them like almond milk and butter are organic! So they can be called raw vegan chocolates.

3. Since the sugar content is less, you have to worry less about cavities.

4. Dark chocolates are related to weight loss, hence the darker the chocolate, the more the health benefits. Also, you can experience the pure taste of chocolate with dark chocolate.

5. They contain flavanols, a subgroup of flavonoids that are present in citrus foods, which has cancer-fighting antioxidants.

6. They also help to control sweet cravings. Also, fun fact, a chocolate diet allows you to consume one square of chocolate per day. Perhaps, I should try it ASAP! So so guilt free!!

7. They also help to control appetite and support weight loss.

8. They are also helpful in staying energetic and increase alertness and refresh the mood. Hey! That’s what coffee does. Well! I’m gonna have ’em both on a Monday morning. Duh!

We have answered a few FAQs about organic chocolate. Read on to know more:

Does Organic Chocolate Taste Better?

Pure organic chocolate tastes bitter. If it’s sweet, then organic sugar is used in the preparation. But the usage is really less compared to their non-organic counterparts. So, organic chocolates are not for those who have a sweet tooth. But a milder and sweeter version is something you can try. Of course, we assure you that once you get used to the natural bitterness and mild flavors of organic chocolates, you’ll find them tastier than regular chocolates. It’s an acquired taste!

crushed-cocoa-beans-for-organic-chocolatesIs it Healthier than Regular Chocolate?

When compared organic chocolates with conventional chocolates, we found out that the regular chocolates contain corn sugar that are also present in processed drinks and foods. This might lead to weight gain and the sugar leads to cavities. They also contain artificial coloring and wax. With so many benefits mentioned before, organic chocolates surely are healthier than regular chocolates. Plus, as mentioned before, dark organic chocolates retain cocoa’s natural goodness, so they have added health benefits like better heart health and improved cholesterol profile, keeping blood pressure in check, anti-oxidant-rich and even potential cancer prevention.

natural-organic-packaged-chocolate-barsIs Organic Chocolate the Same as Fair Trade Chocolate?

What is fair trade chocolate? We get this asked a lot by our readers. Organic fair trade chocolate is the chocolate whose farmers and the laborers are paid a fair price for the ingredients grown. If they are paid fair wages, producers can avoid cost-cutting practices like cheap labor, poor quality and methods employed that are destructive to environment.

roasting-organic-chocolates-factories-healthy-dark-chocolateOrganic chocolates contribute only 0.1% in cocoa market and that’s too less. This is because organic chocolates are prepared using natural organic products that’s time-consuming and require much more resources compared to regular ones. And a normal farmer may not be able to produce a certified organic chocolate and supply to fair trade chocolate brands. So, organic chocolates usually cannot be categorized under fair trade chocolates.

organic-farmers-chocolates-roasting-farmingHow to Find Out if a Chocolate is Organic?

Look at the chocolate ingredients to know whether a chocolate is organic or not. Ideally organic chocolate should contain 80% of cocoa, which constitutes for the bitter taste. Also, the organic products used should be anywhere between 80% to 98%. There should also be a USDA certified symbol in the packaging. If any preservatives are mentioned then they are not organic. It should be minimally processed. So, choosing a good brand or a handmade chocolate is better. And taste it before buying, and you can never go wrong with the taste.


Best Organic Chocolate Brands

There are numerous dark chocolate brands to pick from. Choose a brand that’s famous and trust-worthy. Many popular brands like Lindt, Godiva and Hershey’s are producing dark organic chocolates. So, these are a few go-to brands that you can check out. Also, I have mentioned a few organic chocolates that you can try:


  1. Dagoba organic chocolate
  2. Alter Eco chocolates
  3. Taza Chocolates
  4. Endangered Species chocolates
  5. Divine chocolates
  6. Theo chocolates
  7. Green & Black’s chocolates
  8. Sweet Earth chocolate bar
  9. Mulu Dark chocolate
  10. Scharffen Berger chocolates

So, that was all about organic chocolate. Have you tried ’em? Tweet us @shilpa1ahuja with your thoughts!

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