9 Office Makeup Looks for Every Type of Working Woman

From simple no makeup looks to power eyes, here are 9 simple office makeup looks for every type of workplace and every mood. What’s gonna be your everyday look?

shilpa-ahuja-business-formal-dress-Office Makeup Looks

Beauty is not just a thing of vanity these days, but a necessity for making a powerful presence, no matter whether you’re at a party or your office. Ladies of the corporate world also look for ways to embrace it. Putting your best face forward certainly pumps up your confidence and makes you the snazno woman you are. So we’ve made a helpful guide from simple dewy glow to retro-inspired corporate looks that you can try at your workplace. Take your pick to recreate multiple versions of your own. Which one would you choose for your signature office makeup look?

Simple Office Makeup Looks for Your Workplace

1. No Makeup Makeup

mac cosmetic - nude lipstick - dewy glow - natural foundation
Mac Cosmetics

The nude office makeup looks are the most straightforward styles to opt for, especially for a corporate workplace. It may seem quite simple to do, but it takes a technique or two to master it. The heart of this look is nothing but a well hydrated face. Here’s a step by step guide on how to do it for work:

Moisturizer: Prep your face by moisturizing it. Quickly give a 10-second massage with your cream to hydrate and soothe your skin.

Lightweight Foundation or Makeup: Less is more when it comes to foundation. Make sure the shade matches you perfectly or it might break the look. Just dab a couple of drops and and blend with a wet sponge.

Concealer: Then, use a concealer on your under-eyes, gently blending it with your fingers or pointy sponge. Also dab on just on the spots, if you have some blemishes or hyperpigmentation and take the excess from the brush to the rest of your face. Set the under-eyes and the crevices of your nose with some powder to make sure the concealer stays put throughout the day. For a more natural look, take a dry, clean fluffy brush, and swipe it across your nose to either cheek, so that you take off some of the base. This will show the imperfections naturally.

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Highlight: Mix foundation with a couple drops of highlighter to create an all-over yet still natural looking glow to the high points of your face. If you don’t want a shimmery look, then just use powder highlighter with a large fluffy brush. Wear it on the high points of your face like cheekbones, nose-tip and forehead.

Eyes: Use a kohl pencil to line the waterline of your upper eyelid. Then use a light-wear mascara. Just one soft coat on the outer, upper lashes will do the trick.

Bronzer : Add some shadows to your face with a swipe of bronzer from the hollows of your cheekbones moving it down from the temples. You can also wear it on your jawline to make your face look smaller/narrower. Natural office makeup looks are all about minimalism, so avoid contouring too much.

Eyebrows: Now that you’re done with your base, go over your eyebrows with soft feather like strokes in the direction of your hair. Preferably opt for a matching, gel based product for a more natural look.
Finish the look with a nude lip or plain lip-balm.

Tip: Get creative on some days and apply a coat of gloss and smack the lips together for a plumper look.

2. Warm Eyeshadow + Peach/ Brown Lipstick

mac cosmetics - dewy finish makeup
Mac Cosmetics

Spice things up with this neutral warm make up look to hoist your office face. Looking sun kissed has never been so easy. The warm eyeshadow tones like rust, brick or peachy cream are perfect fall shades, but work in any season really. This is also sort of a Kylie Jenner inspired makeup look, but in just a few steps.

Eyeshadow: Start off with your eyeshadow so that you can clean off any fallout before doing your base. This step is going to consume most time to create this look. Moving onto prepping the eyelids with a primer to look well put-together all day. Dust a warm peach shade all over the crease. Deepen the outer corner with a burnt orange shadow, blending it into the crease. Further darken and add depth to the outer edge or the upper lash-line with a chocolate brown shadow. Extend this shade a bit into the lower lash line. Have a light hand in creating this, remember it doesn’t have to look perfect.

Eyeliner: Add some detail to the eye look with a feline flick and finish the eye makeup with some mascara.

Foundation: Blend in a light coverage foundation or a tinted moisturizer for a not-so-flawless base.

Concealer: Conceal only the under eyes and set with a banana powder.

Contour: Smoothly contour the hollows of your cheekbones and the perimeters of your face to give a spray tanned/ sun kissed outlook.

Eyebrows: Start off by cleaning up the eyebrows with a clean brow brush or you can simply wipe them with a q-tip. Then fill in any gaps in your eyebrows with a matching pencil. We’re looking to achieve thick, luscious brows but follow the natural shape of your eyebrows.

Blush : Break the sepia tone with a flush of peachy coral blush. For a more summery look, go for a peachy pink blush with peachy cream eyeshadow and matching lips. These warm office makeup looks are great for everyday.

shilpa ahuja interview dressing tips simple office makeup looks

Lipstick: Outline your lips for a more defined lip-line. Fill in with a brown lip to complement your complexion. Or just go for a sepia nude. Read more on How to Wear the Latest Nude Lipstick Trend to Complement Every Skin Tone.

Fixing Spray: You dont want all this hardwork to go to waste, generously spritz some fixing spray preventing the makeup to melting through the day.

3. Glass-Skin Inspired Dewy Face & Blush Look

hydrated glass skin makeup look simple office ideas

In the beauty market , the gaze went from having a full face of makeup to embracing healthy skin with glowing, radiant makeup. The Korean-inspired glass skin makeup look maybe too time-consuming for office. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go for a super-hydrated dewy face with loads of healthy blush.

Moisturizer: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Massage it into your skin for a good minute or two.

Primer: This preparatory step should be applied after your moisturizer and before your makeup. Opt for a hydrating, illuminating or a blurring primer for a pristine base.

Foundation: All we need is a sheer wash of color to even out your skin tone. Follow your primer with a hydrating liquid foundation mixed with strobe cream for an iridescent complexion.

Concealer: This is completely optional with these simple office makeup looks. If you have heavy under-eye bags or any discoloration go for it or simply skip this step.

shilpa-ahuja-washing hair baking soda experiment results

Compact: Dab some compact under your eyes and wherever you have concealed to set the product.

Blush: Opt for a pink-tone cream blush for an unimaginable youthful glow. Blend this nicely into the apples of your cheeks for soft plump looking skin.

Highlighter: Highlighter will take the lead in this look with a lit-from-within kinda glow. Gently blend a cream or stick highlighter into the foundation for the most natural effect. Finally, pop this on the right spots according to your face shape, such as the cheek-bones, brow-bone and cupid’s bow for the perfect and soft glow. Here’s the guide on where to highlight, according to your face shape:
Oval Face Shape, Square Face Shape, Heart Shape Face: Cheekbones, brown bone and center of your forehead and chin.
Rectangular Face Shape: Center of your forehead, bridge of your nose and chin.
Diamond Face Shape, Round Face Shape: Center of your forehead and chin

Mascara: Finish off the makeup look with a single or 2 coats of mascara for fluttery lashes.

4. Nude Eyeliner & Thick Brows

mac cosmetics - flesh colored eyeliner
Mac Cosmetics

Approved by makeup mogul Huda Kattan, nude or white kajal pencil is your savior on the days you feel super sleepy and tired. Swap your regular black kohl for a nude kajal pencil to make your eyes look bigger. Combine with the perfect brows for a youthful look.

Line your waterline with a creamy pencil for a soft and fresh look. Top your upper lash line with a black liner close to the lashes, creating a faux lash-line with a thin flick. Finish with a voluminous mascara for wispy lashes that’ll make you look sexy all day. Your instant trick to fake a good night’s sleep.

Also read: Makeup Essentials: 20 Must Have Makeup Items for Every Girl

5. Cat Eye & Kohl Look

kohl cat eyeliner cara delevingne makeup look simple office ideas

Shaky hands cant keep us from following this hot trend and it is a go to makeup trend that many of us live by across the globe. I’m sure you already know what we’re talking about – dark dramatic kohl eyes. Adding drama to your eyes with this ancient makeup trend is still easy on the pocket and one of the simplest options when going to work. We’re giving you multiple options to elevate your makeup game your way. Start each by prepping your eyes with eyeshadow base so that your eye makeup stays put throughout the day.

Simple Liner: Draw a black line as close as possible to the lash-line on your eyelid to create a faux lash-line. Finish the look by lining your waterline with a black pencil.

Classic Winged Eyeliner: Start off by lining your upper lash line with black pencil eyeliner. Then work with your simple liner and flick out a small line towards the angle of the end of your eyebrow. Create a small “V” shape line from the tip of the wing and join the line to the 3rd quarter of your simple eyeliner. Or you can join the line to the inner corner of your eyeliner for a smooth cat-eye. Fill in the blank space, follow this with pencil liner on your lower waterline and you’re ready to step out.

mac cosmetics - warm toned eyedhadow pallette- kohl kajal - quick flick eyeliner

Slept-In Smudged Eyeliner: Begin by lining your upper waterline and lower lash line with a kohl pencil and smudge it with a q tip for a soft smokey look. Set the kohl with a black eyeshadow to prevent it from creasing. Top it with a simple or a classic winged liner for a more saturated look. Finish off with mascara, creating longer, thicker lashes. (see Cara Delevingne’s image above for reference.)

6. 90’s Lip

dewy glow - brown lipstick - quick flick eyeliner

The brown lip is back in trend in the sanctuary of lipsticks. These au courant shades flatter all complexions from fair skin to melanin-rich beauties. The trick with these retro office makeup looks is to find the right shade for you. Get ready to embrace those chocolate molten lippies this season and make a style statement.

You can wear this look with matching eyeshadow and a cat-eyeliner to recreate retro looks. This look is great for a glam workspace, office parties, picture day at the office or your birthday. Also check out: 90s Lipstick Trend: The Nostalgic Return of the Brown Lip Shades.

7. Pink on Pink

shilpa ahuja pink makeup look simple office beauty

This is one of those office makeup looks that’ll soften an angular face. The favor meter for this leans more on the lighter side on the tones palette. However, we ain’t gonna shy away from posing a pout with the shade we love. Go for sheer pink for light to medium skin tones, dusty rose pink for fair to medium skin tones. A bright terracotta pink is a universal shade, especially for medium to dark skins and rosewood pink for dark skin tones are the colors you can look out for. Whether subtle or striking, choose a shade to complement your undertone, be it cool or warm.

Go for just a natural blush and eyeshadow without any foundation for a daily office ear makeup look. Wear it over makeup primer mixed with BB cream. You can finish with eyeliner, mascara and matching lip balm worn over lip liner filled lips. For an office party or a more glam look, you can do the same thing combined with foundation and concealer base.

8. Natural Makeup – Blush and Lip Balm

bobbi bronw - dewy glow - lip and cheek tint
Bobbi Brown

If makeup minimalism is your mantra, this is one of the office makeup looks you’ll find yourself wearing everyday. In that case, a lip and cheek tint is ought to be your best friend. Amp up your daily skin care rituals to kick-start this look. Throw your foundations and concealers out the window and invest in a gentle exfoliant for a plush complexion. Slap on a hydrating overnight lip mask to wake up to smooth soft pout.

Blend in some lip and cheek tint on the apples of your cheeks to a youthful looking you. Stain your lips to get bitten lips over smudged. Then lightly line the cupid’s bow and lower line with a matching lip liner. Your few steps guide to cuddle up your bare face.

9. The Purple Look

shilpa ahuja car work wear power dressing purple dress fierce woman professional pearls office black heels makeup iphone

This is a great look for the power woman who wants to look perfectly put together without too much effort. The purple look would look great with a matching dress or even over a grey business suit.

Some shades to try are dark orchid, plum and medium purple. Go for a simple eyeshadow over eyeshadow primer. Then finish off with black eyeliner and very little mascara. Wear matching blush and lipstick in a matte finish.

Hope this list of office makeup looks was helpful. Which one did you like the best? And which one would you never wear to office? Lemme know below! And I’d love to check out your own everyday office makeup looks. So share them with me on Instagram @shilpaahujadotcom!

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