October 2022 Issue

The Virtual Fashion Issue

Welcome to the Age of CGI Fashion

October 2022 Issue | ShilpaAhuja.com
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Photography & Art Director: Angelina Popova (@geanlin); Styling: Katerina Familiarskaia (@katerina.familiarskaia); Makeup: Isabel Montoya (@isabel_artist); Model: Lucia Van Der Knaap (@luciavanderknaap); Hair Styling: Sophie Wortelboer (@sophiewortelboer); Nails: Lenavitch Nailz (@lenavitch.nailz); CGI Artist & Designer: Sarah Mayer (@sa.m.co); Digital Art Piece ‘Pipes’: Zelensky Yury (@ztwins_rone)


CGI Artist Sarah Mayer Discusses the World of CGI Fashion & Expression

in conversation with Editor-in-Chief Shilpa Ahuja

Cover Story

Social media has made much of our lives virtual in the last two decades. Our relationships, personality, expression and style are all defined by who we are online. And now, for the most part, fashion doesn’t count until it’s on social media.

Instagram has played a major role in how we experience and show our lives to others. To that extent, the platform even has many filters to put on makeup, change backgrounds and even accessories.

The creation of these AR (augmented reality) apps and filters has created a whole generation of CGI artists who explore how art can be worn virtually. Fashion for the digital realm – that’s what I wanted to feature on our October cover, and my search for the cover art led me to discover Sarah Mayer.

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