Numerology Horoscope: What does your Number Say about You?

Your lucky number can reveal a lot about your personality. Based on Cheiro’s theories, here is the complete guide to numerology horoscope. Ready for your numerology test?


When we think of numbers, usually what first comes to mind are things like mathematics, accountancy and statistics. However, numbers have much more significance and more of a role to play in our lives. The most fun thing about numbers is that they can also tell a lot about you and your fortune. And that’s what numerology is all about.

Astrologers believe that numbers have mystic power and are the basis of the universe around us; they even hold the power to tell fortunes. Numerology has its origins dating back to the ancient civilizations. According to the book Cheiro’s Numerology, it has “its roots in the Chaldean culture from thousands of years ago.” Cheiro himself was the most famous clairvoyant, astrologer, palm reader and numerologist, who did a lot of work on the subject in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

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How to Calculate Numerology

Numerology horoscope is the study of what numbers say about us, our personality and our future. So how does numerology work? Well, you have to find your number by adding the digits of your birthday. So for example, someone whose birthday is on February 12th has 1+2=3 as her number.

Although many numerologists also believe that the number should be what you get by adding your month and year digits too. In fact, some methods of numerology even use numerology alphabet. These are digits associated with each alphabet of the name (A=1; B=2, etc.). However, in this method, we’ll be discussing the number just by adding your birthday digits.

Numerology Horoscope

Got your number? Now look it up in the numerology chart below to reveal what secrets it holds for your life!

Number 1 (Sun)

In numerology horoscope, 1 is the number of sun and is considered to be a strong number. Sun is the brightest star in the sky, and just like the sun, those with 1 as their numerology number are strong, focused and always willing to get to the top position.

Strong-willed, ones are not conformists by nature. If 1 is your number, you are creative, inventive and very strongly individualistic. You are also very definite and make decisions easily. You are ambitious and have great leadership qualities. Your desire to take up the leadership positions also mean that you dislike restraints.

As per numerology compatibility, you get on well with 2, 4 and 7 numbers.
Your lucky color is gold and your stone is ruby.
Your lucky days are Monday and Sunday.

Number 2 (Moon)

Just like the sun, the moon stands out in the crowd. However, the moon is the complete opposite of the sun – lighting up the night sky and disappearing during the day. According to numerology horoscope, twos are gentle, imaginative and romantic by nature.

Numerology Horoscope-planets-moon-astrology

If your number is 2 according to numerology birth date, you are inventive and very creative. Twos are often inclined towards artistic professions and are sensitive too. However, they are also physically strong. They are kind but lack self-confidence and tend to get restless and even oversensitive at times.

Twos get on well with numbers 1, 4 and 7.
Your lucky stone (well precious thing) is pearl and your lucky color is white.
Your lucky days are Sunday, Monday and Friday.

Number 3 (Jupiter)

After sun and the moon, Jupiter is the dominant planet, and that’s what number 3 represents in numerology horoscope. As such pride and independence are the key strengths of those whose number is 3. Threes are often an authority figure and dominate in their respective fields. They love to keep command and control on others and are good at delegating tasks, although they expect others to be very diligent with work. They are also highly ambitious and much disciplined.

Due to all these qualities, threes do well on high ranks of army, navy and also in life. Trustful and responsible, number 3 hate restraints as they take pride in their dominance. However, they also make some enemies due to their authoritative nature.

The numbers you best get along with are 3, 6 and 9.
Yellow and sapphire are your lucky color and stone resp.
Your best days are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Number 4 (Uranus)

Another large planet, Uranus, dominates the life of number 4. And that reflects in their personality. Although positive by nature, fours rebel against rules and regulations. If your number is 4, you don’t make friends easily but aren’t necessarily quarrelsome. You just have opposite views than most others. However, you still make many enemies.

Very individualistic, fours often think outside of the box have unconventional beliefs and opinions. According to numerology horoscope, being sensitive and easily wounded are also features of this number. You make few friends that are real.

Your numerology compatibility is with numbers 1, 2, 7 and 8.
Lucky color is blue and your lucky stone is ruby.
Your lucky days – Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Number 5 (Mercury)

Mercury is the smallest planet, and as such the key traits of fives are very much dominated by it. If 5 is your number, you are energetic, and ready to take risks. Nothing seems to affect you for long, as you live on your nerves and are always excited. You flow and glide easily just like liquid mercury.

You’re a dreamer, but yet mentally high-strung. You make friends easily due to your enthusiastic nature. However, your energy also makes you impulsive. You are quick in thoughts and make impulsive decisions and take quick actions. However, this nature also lets you act on your dreams, making you a go-getter at times.

You have a keen sense of making money by new ideas. You stick to your inbuilt nature, being positive and excited. But this also makes you irritable and quick-tempered. So you can also be a victim of mental tension, anxiety and stress.

You can get along well with number 5.
Your fortune color is green and lucky stone is emerald.
Your auspicious days are Wednesday and Friday.

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Number 6 (Venus)

Sixe is one of the most interesting numbers in numerology, as those whose number is 6 have an extremely magnetic personality. People are drawn to you, and you are loved, even worshipped by people. You are also very faithful and determined. You become devoted to those you love and your faith is everlasting. In love, you are more caring and motherly than sensual. Yet you lean towards the romantic and ideal nature of love.

You also appreciate the finer things in life and take pride in being highly cultured. Just like in your love life, you appreciate the best in all aspects of life and love beautiful things. You make most artistic homes and are fond of paintings, music and rich colors.

You also love to entertain friends, and hate jealousy and discord. Because of this nature, you make a lot of friends.

Your numerology compatibility is best with number 3, and 9. In fact, you easily get along with all other numbers, too.
Yellow, and diamond are your lucky colors and stone respectively.
Your prosperous days are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.


Number 7 (Neptune)

Very independent, sevens have a strongly marked individuality. Those whose number is 7 are considered to have a lot of originality in numerology horoscope. They love traveling and visiting new countries. They also love travel books and have a good knowledge of the world. With this cultural knowledge and philosophical outlook, sevens make good writers, artists and poets. The freedom to move about and travel is craved, and there is a thirst for knowledge about the world.

You love change and being restless is also a part of your personality. With the gift of intuition, you are also good with business ideas. You have a particular magnetism about you. Sevens care little about material things and are known to make large donations. They also have their own idea of religion and sometimes, remarkable dreams. Women marry well.

Sevens get on well with number 2. Other than that, 1, 4 and 7.
Your natural color is white, and your lucky stone is pearl.
Your best days include Sunday and Monday.

Number 8 (Saturn)

Number eights are intense and invariably much misunderstood. This is why they often feel lonely at heart. You have great strength and individuality. However, this also means you can make bitter and relentless enemies. They either achieve great successes or great failures.

You have a warm heart but you hide your feelings easily. One side of eight represents upheaval, revolution and anarchy. Waywardness and eccentricity are a part of this side of you. However, the other side represents philosophical thoughts and a strong inclination towards occult studies, religious devotions and concentration of purpose.

You get along with number 4.
Your lucky shade and stone are green, and sapphire respectively.
Your lucky days include Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Number 9 (Mars)

Born fighters, nines have difficult times in their early years as per numerology horoscope. A highly determined person, you have a strong will. Impulsive and independent, you gain strength from conflict. You desire to be your own master and be forever in control. Your reckless behaviour and temperamental nature sometimes results in you making enemies.

However, you also have great courage. Nines make excellent soldiers and leaders. They have a good opinion of themselves. They are also prone to accidents from fire and explosions. Although you like being in charge, you sometimes like to quit things halfway.

You may experience quarrels in your personal life, but you are also resourceful and have excellent organizational skills. Especially if you don’t lose heart, stand aside and let things go to pieces. For affection and sympathy, nines will go to any extent.

You get along with numbers 3, 6 and 9.
Red will be lucky for you, and your lucky stone is coral.
Your prosperous days include Tuesday, Thursday and especially Friday.

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