November 2023 Issue

The Power Woman Issue

Sharp Body Language & Dressing Guides

November 2023 Issue |
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Photo: Irina @irinacaro_photo; Model: Anastasiya Epifanova @anastasiyaepifanova; Style: Karina Edrisiyan @edristyle; Makeup & Hair: Marina @makeup_kis

Inside this issue:

Hey SlubTeam,

In a world where the cacophony of keyboards clacking is as fierce as the staccato of stilettos on city pavements, I introduce to you our latest edition: ‘The Power Woman Issue: Sharp Body Language & Dressing Guides.’ As you conquer boardrooms and break barriers, you are continually redefining strength and sophistication too. In an era where your presence is as commanding as your presentation, it’s also important to get into the nuanced art of communication — where your expressions and gestures speak volumes before you utter a single word.

As we dress the part, our curated guides are designed to empower your wardrobe choices to reflect the dynamism of your role. We’ve handpicked office makeup looks – a blend of boldness and sophistication that won’t smudge under the spotlight of the 9-to-5 grind.

Our interactive ‘Find Your Fashion Aesthetic Quiz’ invites you to explore and refine your personal style, ensuring that every ensemble is an extension of your individuality. And let’s not forget the cornerstone of your sartorial arsenal — an in-depth exploration of work wardrobe essentials that blend seamlessly with every agenda.

This issue is not just about clothing and cosmetics, it’s a tribute to the intricate dance of gestures, expressions, and attire that constitutes the modern working woman’s armor. I hope this issue can help you convey the message with confidence of someone who owns her narrative.


Shilpa Ahuja

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