November 2022 Issue

The Social Branding Issue

Social Media Marketing for MUAs

November 2022 Issue |
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Makeup & Photo: Omar Turrini (@omar_turrini); Hair/ Assistant: Manuel Nani (@toysexpression); Model: Tusha (@_tushaa); Retouch: Elena Fedorova (@fedorova_retouch)


How to Use Social Media for Makeup Artists – Omar Turrini

in conversation with Editor-in-Chief Shilpa Ahuja

Cover Story

Makeup artist, educator and content creator Omar Turrini discusses how MUAs can create their own brand on social media.

The beauty market has changed tremendously in the last 20 years and actually everything about trends, sales and professional expertise now moves through social media.

As a makeup artist, it is very important to be aware of this fact and think about the possibilities that everyone can have by studying the strategies to promote ourselves online. Of course, the main idea for makeup artists who want to create an audience online is to reach new clients and make more contacts.

Credibility is the first thing to build when one is trying to create a name for themselves as a makeup artist online. Read more…

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