Last-Minute New Year Celebration Ideas

New year plans fell apart? Forgot to plan a party? Here are some lovable last-minute new year celebration ideas – with family, friends and even just yourself!

dolce-&-gabbana-cafe-ambiance-at-home-new-year-celebration-ideas-new-yearIt’s the end of the year! Some people spend all of December thinking of new year celebration ideas. But if you are anything like me then you’d be still figuring about what to do on new year’s eve! Just like you, I, too, am wondering how to make my new year’s eve a memorable one.

So, after some deep thinking I realized that we need to wind up this year either by spending more time with our loved ones or by doing things we love the most.

So, we have curated a few cool and unique new year celebration ideas. If you’re not up for a night out partying or going out to a lavish gala, try these simple ways to make your new year’s eve as special as possible.

As we ring in the new year with more happiness and hope, here are some unique new year celebration ideas!

New Year Celebration Ideas with Family

We fantasize materialistic stuff and forget to value relationships. Over the years, I have realized it’s important to give time for myself and people who love me more.

1. Shopping with Your Family

dolce gabbana family shopping new year celebration ideas relationships bazaar
Dolce & Gabbana

You’re welcoming the new year and it’s the best time to buy gifts. So, shop along with your parents, partner and siblings to gift each other. You can make most out of the new year sales in stores.

2. Indoor Activities or Game Night

dolce gabbana indoor activities with family new year celebration ideas
Dolce & Gabbana

scrabble board card games recreational activities for new year celebrations

Relive your childhood by taking out all the card and board games. Play scrabble with your family members.

3.Hot Chocolate Making Competition

dolce gabbana cake competition family time quality time friends new year celebration
Dolce & Gabbana

Instead of an alcoholic celebration, you can even opt for something different this year. Indulge in some hot chocolate as most people love them. (My mouth’s watering! Slurp!). Everyone in the family can make their own recipe of hot chocolate. Then pour it into different shot glasses for tasting sessions. The one with the best hot chocolate wins. The loser does the dishes!! I gave you a fun-filled activity with an evil twist!

4. Relive Your Old Memories

dolce gabbana memories photo album selfies new year unique ideas with family
Dolce & Gabbana

Relive your memories by checking out old photo albums and videos. This can be a great activity as everyone can laugh looking at old silly photos!

5. Recreate a Cafe Ambiance at Home

dolce gabbana cafe ambiance at home new year celebration ideas new year
Dolce & Gabbana

Restaurants are usually full or booked prior. So, you can recreate a cafe ambiance right in your place with aromatherapy candles, string lights and cushions. You can play music and show each other your silliest dance moves!

New Year Celebration Ideas with Friends

Partying in a club or planning for a dinner in a lavish restaurant can be done in any time of the year. But spending time with yourself or celebrating with your dear ones can be more special.

Here are some budget-friendly new year celebration ideas for you and your friends!

6. Wine/ Beer Tasting Sessions

dolce gabbana wine beer tasting session with friends drink home party hard new year
Dolce & Gabbana

Have a wine or beer tasting session at your home. Everyone can bring their favorite bottle (set a budget limit). Guests can taste and choose the winning selection!

wine glasses classy new year celebrations friends family

7. Play Dress Up with Your Girl Gang

dolce gabbana girl gang makeup hair selfies besties new year with friends
Dolce & Gabbana

Dress up along with your girls and try new makeup tutorials you watched online. Decorate a small corner in your living space and click pictures. Let your contour and highlighting be on fleek in your Instagram account. You can try all sorts of ridiculous or unique trends like glitter lips, lip art, nail art and fur nails. You can try all the latest makeup looks.

8. Order Food and Watch Chick Flicks

girls night chick flicks pizza movie marathon new yearChill with your besties by ordering your favorite food and have a movie marathon of chick flicks like Bridesmaids, Bride Wars, Pretty Woman and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

9. Have a Potluck

potluck with friends starters french fries fried pickles food wine home partyYou can have a potluck with your friends. Each of you can cook starters like stuffed olives or chicken wings or fried pickles. Let them know the bar menu in advance and challenge them to cook tasty pairing and tid-bits. The guest with the tastiest appetizer gets a wine bottle!

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New Year Celebration Ideas With Your Partner

If both of you are workaholics and have no plans on new year’s eve night, then some perfect ways to relax and have a romantic date together.

10. Cook an Exotic Meal With Your Partner

cook meal with partner new cuisine new year celebration ideasThere’s nothing more romantic than being away from the gadgets and just talking, especially with food. So, try a new cuisine and get cooking with your partner. Later, you can have an intimate candle light dinner at home with romantic music. Sipping wine while a risotto simmers can be a great way to dive into childhood stories and get to know each other more!

11. Go For a Long Drive

cartoon couple ideas for new year celebration time long drive beachAfter dinner, you can take off in your car for a long drive. At midnight, you can go to a beach and welcome the new year while watching the waves.

12. DIY Photoshoot

diy couple photoshoot ideas to celebrate new year selfie cuteEveryone will be busy posting selfies with #newyearselfie on Instagram. You can have your own album filled with selfies. Decorate a romantic space with string lights in your home and click selfies and you will have enough memories made to cherish. Or go out in the snow and click some memorable festive pics!

13. Watch Holiday Movies

holiday movie marathon romantic wine couple new year celebration ideasWatch romantic, comedy and holiday movies to motivate yourself for next year’s travel goals. Bring some wine or beer and enjoy your movie marathon.

14. Wishlist for New Year

cute games to play couple new year celebration ideas wishlist to fulfillMake a wish list for each other like making breakfast on the bed, writing a love letter or a kiss every hour. Write down all these sweet little things and put it into a basket. Pull a wish out for each other, and the wishes need to be fulfilled by you on the new year. Try some out-of-the-box ideas, too!

New Year Celebration Ideas with Yourself

If you’re away from family and all your friends have made plans, your new year’s eve doesn’t have to be sad and boring! You too, can have some ‘me-time’, explore your inner self and do some fun stuff, too!

girl watching movie rita ora happy new year celebration ideas fun stuff to doHere’s how best to celebrate new year if you’re alone.

15. Have a Gadget-Free Day

Our lives are starting to get controlled by our gadgets. Throw them away! Not literally, though! Have a gadget-free day and indulge in some recreational activities like an adult coloring book. Do things you love the most like sing, dance or write.

You can have a candle-lit bath for rejuvenation or create some art with ink or origami!

shilpa ahuja relaxation spa positivity home alone me time rejuvenation r...16. Cook for Yourself

cook yummy food alone yourself enjoy inner self unique celebration ideas for new yearCook for yourself and experiment with unique recipes. No one cares even if the house is on fire as you’re alone! (Although, I’d keep a fire-extinguisher handy!) Or make comfort food like noodles or fries.

17. Stargaze on Your Terrace

night sky milky way galaxy star gazing stars moon photography rahul ahuj...
Photo Credits: Rahul Ahuja

How long has it been since you gazed at stars in the sky? Internet and smartphones keep us from enjoying the beauty of the night sky! Take a blanket up to your terrace with a mug of hot chocolate and do some stargazing. If you have a pet then cuddle with it, too! Wow! That sounds like such a beautiful new year’s eve, all by yourself. I would play some light music, too! Great time for self-reflection and thought-gathering.

18. Read a Book

latest-chick-lit-books-top-bestselling-novels-girl-reading-coffee-drinkingRead some books that give you hope and a new meaning to life. A book which can make you smile through the end of it like Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, Little Women by Louisa May Alcott or Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Curl up under your blanket with some hot cocoa or masala chai tea (my preference!) and feel refreshed.

 19. Make a Scrapbook

scrapbook moments to cherish fun memorable things to do new year celebration ideasNew years bring resolutions and new year resolutions bring stress and anxiety. We tend to worry about the coming year and miss out on the positivity. So, make a list of your achievements and learnings of the year. Collect the best moments and pictures of that year and stick them together in a cute scrapbook or on your blog. When the clock strikes 12, you can capture the happy, hopeful moment by clicking a selfie and voila! You could cherish this memory in the coming years!

If you don’t want to ring in the new year just like any other year then you should try one of these ideas for sure!

How and with whom are you celebrating the new year? Is it family, friends or with yourself? Which new year celebration ideas will you try? Do let us know!

Happy New Year in advance!!

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