New Types of Tops to Try in 2018 | Latest Spring 2018 Top Trends

From the latest mesh tops to the comeback of 90s glitter tops, check out the new types of tops for 2018. What’s in, what’s out? Find out here!

new types of tops new-types-of-tops-spring-summer-2018-rtwHey gorgeous! Tops are most essential must have clothing item in a girl’s wardrobe. I can’t think of an outfit for daily wear without this wardrobe staple. So, we went through the Spring Summer 2018 RTW collections and scored them. And accordingly, we picked out the latest top trends for you. We also rounded off a few trends that are still in and the tops that are outdated for 2018!

New Types of Tops for 2018

1. Slouchy Tops with Extra Long Sleeves

Designers are making a case for comfy, loose outfits in the Spring Summer 2018 collections. And we couldn’t be happier! After slouchy dresses, we’re seeing slouchy tops in the runway collections. Top designers like Dior and Versace, too, are making a case for these tops. We saw slouchy tops with extra long sleeves, like sweatshirts, slouchy tees and long tops.

2. 90s Glitter

Move over sequins, hello, glitter! Now, this is the coolest trend from the SS18 collections. The glamour of the 90s fashion is back; because we saw the 90s glitter tops stealing the show! A perfect party wear. We saw glittery, shimmery button-up shirts, turtlenecks, slouchy tops and tee shirts. Pair them with mini skirts or tulle skirts or pair them with metallic pants! Go for coral blue, grey, black and silver shades in new types of tops.

3. Top on Top

The top on top trend made it to the top 5 this season. *applause* I wasn’t a big fan of this trend but yet, here we are! We saw tops of the same length being paired, unlike last season where we saw tops of different lengths, too. The sheer top over bralettes, offtheshoulder crop top over a mesh top and a slip top over a button-up shirt were spotted in the collections of Balmain, Dior and Alexander Wang.

4. Bodysuit

As the new year is approaching, we need to make resolutions to get that hot beach body. I’m already exhausted at the sound of it! Bodysuits are still very much in. We’re loving the slip, tank top, turtleneck, cut outs and belted bodysuit tops. Since Jan 1st falls on a Monday, this is the year to hit gym. *rolls eyes*

5. Mesh Tops

And here we come. I might sound like I’m exaggerating, but this is my most favorite amongst the new types of tops for 2018. The mesh dresses are a hot trend, too. So, we saw large mesh tops in black and white. Pair a mesh tank top with a strapless top like the look by Moschino. This way you’ll be sporting two trends together. Wow!

6. Half Bell Sleeves

Bell sleeves are back, sure. But half bell sleeved tops are something that hardly goes unnoticed. We saw half bell sleeved tops in the Fall Winter 2017 collections, too. But now it seems they’re getting trendier than ruffles. Rock them to parties or for a casual outing! I’m damn sure that you’ll hear “Hey, I have a similar top but with long sleeves.” See that’s how you stay trendy!  Think different!

7. Cold Shoulders & Sleeve Cut Outs

Cold shoulders are a big trend in the Spring 2018 collections. It’s more like an essential now! We saw sleeve cut outs, too. So if you’re not ok with bold cold shoulders or off-the-shoulder tops, go for sleeve cut out tops. We saw subtle cut outs and slashed sleeves.

8. Bold Sheer & Transparent Tops

Designers aren’t ready to let go of sheer! Well, I’m happy to wear them when I’m out for coffee. So, if sheer wasn’t enough, designers have come up with *tada* transparent tops for 2018. Designers are asking us to wear plastic transparent tops in the scorching heat of summers! Sure. Thank you (in Sarcastic Shilpa‘s tone)!

9. Asymmetric Tops

Asymmetric tops are here to stay. Unlike the high low or asymmetric hemline tops, we saw high low crop tops. How cool is that?! We saw them in the designer collections of Balmain and Elie Saab. I would definitely love to try the asymmetric crop tops. *tucks tummy in* We also saw high low style button up shirts and belted tops.

10. Shoulder Pads

The 70s shoulder pads are back as one of the new types of tops for 2018. From plunging neckline tops to belted mesh ones, they were all super-hot in the fashion weeks. Wear them to parties to be a headturner!

11. Leather Tops

So, leather tops, too, are in trend! Ok. But why in summer? Anyway who’s gonna question designers’ choice? We’re sure to see them on celebs throughout summer 2018! So, from fringe to one sleeved to button up shirts, we saw leather tops everywhere in new types of tops for 2018!

What’s Still In?

So, there are a couple of trends that are still in from last year. We saw tons of these styles in fashion weeks. Check ’em out!

  1. Ruffled tops are still in. We saw ruffled sleeves, subtle, oversized ruffles all over the top.
  2. Fringed tops are still rocking the runway collections. We saw big designers like Chanel making a case for fringed tops.
  3. Peplum tops were seen in many designer collections, especially short peplums. It’s almost like an essential now.
  4. Floral appliquéd tops are making waves in the Spring 2018 collections. Even feather appliqué tops are in!
  5. One sleeved and one shoulder tops are ruling the runways. So are sequined and metallic tops!
  6. The extra long tops or maxi tops are still in fashion.

tops-trends-latest-spring-summer-2018-rtw-still-in-fashion-styleWhats Out?

Here are the tops that are so out of fashion!

  1. Velvet tops are out! I’m glad. Who wants to wear them in summers?
  2. Sheer tees and extra long tee shirts are out.
  3. Pussy bow tops, too, are outdated. They made us look too stuck-up and librarianish anyway!
  4. Ruff collars are a NO-NO! Avoid.
  5. Laser cut tee shirts have given way to mesh tops this season.

tops-trends-latest-spring-summer-2018-ss18-whats-out-of-fasgionSo, these were the latest new types of tops for 2018. Which top styles are your favorite? Are you happy with the tops that are still in? Let us know by tweeting us @shilpa1ahuja.

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