The New Selfie Trend You Have to Try & Evolution of Selfies

Wanna know what all selfie trends have been till now? Discover the full evolution of selfies (wish they taught this in school!) and the new selfie trend!


Hey gorgeous! Whether you love new selfie trend lists or hate them, but you can’t ignore them! If you love taking and posting selfies, you’ll know how to take a good selfie, and you’ll also know that it takes some hard work and creativity to take original, cool selfies that people would love to see (and double tap)! And of course, you won’t be caught dead doing things that are so last year!

A Brief History of Selfie Trends


  1. Duck Face: Everyone knows about the duck face! Kim Kardashian has been doing it since 2012! Even our parents have mastered it – even if it’s just to make fun of our generation!
  2. Smize: 2012 was also the year smizing – the art of smiling with the eyes – was made popular by Tyra Banks.
  3. Belfie: The belfie (or the butt selfie) became a thing later on. Thank god not everyone was doing it!
  4. Tongue Selfie: The tongue-sticking-out selfie became popular later, thanks to Miley Cyrus and some rebellious, unconventional models!
  5. Fish Gape Selfie: And of course, you’ve already heard of the fish face, or the fish gape selfie – the innocent looking, lips-rounded, slightly surprised face that seemed to borrow its style from a curious kid!
  6. Cleavage Selfie: We’ve also seen cleavage selfies – on that other side of social media.
  7. Mirror selfies, which admit it, everyone loves – especially the fashion bloggers and gym-goers!
  8. T-Rex Selfie: Last year saw the T-Rex selfie as the hot new selfie trend. I had been doing it subconsciously without even knowing it was an actual trend! Just stick your talons our, or just hold your hair or touch your face. I still love holding my hair for selfies sometimes.
  9. Fox Selfie: And in 2017, we’re seeing another new selfie trend. And we have the Kardashian Jenners to thank for it again. Yes, ladies and gentlemen – put your hands together for the Fox Face selfie!

Duck Face is out! Fox Face is in!

Fox Face Selfie – The New Selfie Trend

I’m spotting so many celebs do it. It’s not exactly new, we’ve seen it before on Kim Kardashian too, many years ago, or maybe that’s because she just looks like this ever since she got lip fillers! But this year, we’re seeing many more celebrities try this type of selfie, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Priyanka Chopra and more. And I looked up all the animal faces – cats, dogs, deers, even birds, to figure out what I’m gonna call it. It’s officially a trend, of course we need to give it a name.

Here’s two by Kylie, who’s made the fox face her go-to selfie expression.

@kyliejenner via Instagram

And here are some more…

@priyankachopra via Instagram
kylie-jenner New Selfie Trend how-to-take-good-selfies
@kyliejenner via Instagram
@kendalljenner via Instagram
@badgalriri via Instagram
@selenagomez via Instagram


How to Take the Fox Face Selfie?

So what exactly is the fox face selfie? Well, all you gotta do is, pout your lips out just a little bit, keep them touching, and give the slightest smile, making the outer corners go up, so that it gives a youthful, mysterious look. Not sly like a fox, but yeah, you got the gist!

You can make it your own signature, by smiling a little, or parting the lips very slightly.

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The Reality of This New Selfie Trend

It’s not easy to master. So far, I’ve been failing miserably. But that may just be because I have the thinnest lips. Plus my face just isn’t built this way – my lips’ outer corners go down, not up! Don’t I hate when new trends are just not for me?!

So this new selfie trend would be great for girls with fuller lips. If you have thin lips, try it when you have some lip makeup on. Line your lips a little outside your natural lip, and create a bigger, fuller pout to try the fox face!

So are you loving or hating this new selfie trend? Which trend has been your favorite so far? And which one is your go-to selfie face? Lemme know! Comment below!

Muaah 🙂

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  1. So glad I’m not a girl. First of all, you have to plan to take selfies, and then think of how to dress up for them, and then even think of what pose to make and whether that pose is still in trend or not! Woah, enough to drive anyone insane!


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