New Chick Lit Books to Read in 2019: Our Reading List!

From cute romance tales to family dramas to neo-social-media-based stories, here’s our selection of the best new chick lit books to read in 2019. Take your pick! 

New Chick Lit Books 2019 best top popular must read

New Chick Lit Books to Read in 2019

Hey gorgeous! Whether it’s cuddling up in a cozy blanket with a fun romantic novel, or reading a mystery novel on the beach in the summer sun, we readers never miss any opportunity to devour the new chick lit books every year! And so I read and reread the synopses and reviews of like 50 new novels from 2018 and 2019 to create this list of the fun girly novels for you! Let’s see what you pick!

How Do You Like Me Now?

by Holly Bourne

This 4.5 star novel has received great user-reviews both on Amazon and other literary blogs and websites. Cited as a must-read chick lit novel, one of the readers described it in a review, “If Bridget Jones was older, sharper, and on social media…” How Do You Like Me Now deals with living an Instagram-perfect life, which hides the imperfections and sadness that isn’t captured on camera, and the insecurities that come along with all that.

Tori Bailey, the protagonist, has earned her social media fame and fans with her honest her self-help memoir about navigating life in the twenties. And yet she faces her own troubles that never have been brought into the light, even to herself. Her less than picture perfect life in the thirties has a boyfriend who doesn’t talk about marriage and a best friend who’s getting married, making her feel left behind. The question is, is she brave enough to practice what she preaches?

Crazy in Love at the Lonely Hearts Bookshop

by Annie Darling

From its description, Crazy in Love seems like a sweet, hopeless romantic tale of the woman who finds love in the unexpected place! The protagonist, Nina, loves bad boys, since for her, love has to be nothing less than wild, crazy and passionate. Thinking she has nothing to fear, Nina discovers how little she knows about herself when she gets attracted to a geeky boy from her school who’s now a boring suit!  Rated with 5 stars on Amazon, customers describe it as cute, entertaining and charming. This is one of the best new chick lit books to read in 2019 for those looking for a light-hearted summer story!

Faking Friends

by Jane Fallon

Faking Friends is a story of betrayal and revenge! Amy thinks she and her best friend Melissa have no secrets. Add that to her impending wedding with her long-distance fiancé. But her world turns upside down when Amy visits her London home to surprise him. She realizes he’s been cheating on her, and who else could The Other Woman be than her own BFF! Betrayal from her best friend stings even more than from her fiancé. So she plans a revenge, to wreck their lives! Sunday Mirror described this novel as, ‘Barbed, twisty and full of deliciously dry wit, this is smart stuff to race through,’ and Daily Mail wrote, ‘Brilliant, original, edgy and compulsively readable.’

Between Me and You

by Allison Winn Scotch

Every ambitious woman who hopes to grow with the love of her life wonders about this at least once in her life – what if her success overshines that of her husband? Will her marriage sustain that? Tatum Connelly is a struggling actress who works as a bartender in New York City, when she meets Ben, a fledgling screenwriter. After years of their relationship, marriage and children, Tatum’s stardom rises while Ben’s fades. “In a marriage that bears the fallout of ambition and fame, Ben and Tatum are at a crossroads.” Will their marriage survive? Mostly, will their love survive? If so, how can they make it happen? US Weekly writes, “Through alternating views (and years), Allison Winn Scotch crafts a heart-wrenching tale.”

Blogger Girl (The Blogger Girl Series Book 1)

by Meredith Schorr

This is another one in the list of new chick lit books that deals with the age of social media fame. In this case, that of a book blogger Kim Long, who wishes to write chick lit. She hates her job as a legal secretary in Manhattan, but she does like the handsome associate down the hall. And things get shaken up when her high school nemesis, mean girl Hannah Marshak, is back in town, with a bestseller chick-lit book of her own, and a rapport with her handsome colleague as well.

On top of all that, Hannah sends Kim a copy to review too. Will Kim post her a terrible review to thousands of followers? Or will she use Hannah’s success as a challenge to discover and fulfill her own dreams of writing and love!?

Whisper Network

A Reese Witherspoon x Hello Sunshine Book Club Pick

by Chandler Baker

Set in the #MeToo era, this novel is about working women who’ve had enough of a womanizer in a position of authority. Sloane, Ardie, Grace and Rosalita, who work in a legal office gear up as their boss is about to become the next CEO of the company. Their resistance brings about a movement on how women are discriminated against in the workplace. The reviews are that every feminist will enjoy the book. Reese Witherspoon said of the book, “Add another great book to your beach bag! This story has a workplace murder mystery that happens in today’s #MeToo era. It’s honest, timely and completely thrilling – I was so surprised to find out who the murderer was!”

Cake at Midnight

by Jessie L. Star

This 4.5-star review book has generally great reviews and with its plot, certainly seems like one of the must-read chick lit books of 2019. Described as a “deliciously sweet foodie romance,” is about Giovanna, Zoë, and Declan, who have always been best friends forever. Gio is a passionate baker, Zoë a “take-no-prisoners beauty”, and Declan an ambitious businessman. The trio have a fallout when Gio’s lifelong crush on Declan comes out in the open, leaving her humiliated, and she needs to get over him by letting him go. Then she meets the quiet but charming boy next door, and she’s enamored! But as she thinks she’s finally over Declan, he can’t seem to get away as he needs her. Will she be able to let go of the past?

The Wedding Party

By Jasmine Guillory

The cliched yet lovable Hollywood trope – a man and a woman who can’t stand each other have so much chemistry that they can’t stay apart either! Maddie and Theo hate each other but are forced to spend some time together at a common friend’s wedding, sharing bridal party responsibilities. And this comes after each is struggling with unexplained feelings they develop after a night spent together. Amid misunderstandings and hurt feelings, they each try to work out their feelings – is it love or hate? They agree it’ll all end after the wedding. But will they be happy when it ends? Will you get the feels? The reviews agree.

Last Call

by Libby Kirsch

Bored of the usze rom-coms and family novels? You may wanna check out this twisty, fun PI mystery that stands out in this list of new chick lit books. When Janet Black finds a dead body behind the dumbster of her bar, she is dragged into his murder investigation. Especially because the police start eyeing her boyfriend as the possible killer and the victim’s teetotaling daughter starts practically living at the corner booth until the murderer is caught.

Now Janet has to uncover what happened and whether an unreliable employee’s absence is mere coincidence. Janet is described as the, “guilty pleasure heroine you’ve always wanted.”

Charlotte Walsh Likes To Win

by Jo Piazza

This political tale of ambition is all about the cost of being a woman in the public eye. Written by the bestseller TechBitch that I mentioned in the must-read chick lit books of 2016, this novel is already in works for an Amazon series, rumors are that Julia Roberts is in talks to play the lead. The story is of Charlotte Walsh who is running for Senate, but she “wants it all” —political power, a happy marriage, and happiness. But does she know what she’ll need to sacrifice to get it?

All this is after a presidential election that shocked and divided the country, she’s left behind her high-powered job in Silicon Valley. The campaign reveals just how dirty her opponent is willing to fight, how harshly she is judged by the press and her peers. On top of all that, how will she navigate a marriage with a resentful husband, especially when the opposition uncovers a secret that could threaten everything—her campaign, her family and everything she loves. Now she has to decide how badly she wants to win and at what cost. “This political novel is comically accurate.” New York Post writes.

Match Made in Manhattan

by Amanda Stauffer

If you’re single or have been a part of the dating app scene, this one’s surely on the must-read list of new chick list books for you! Alison has just got off a dead-end relationship but now her lonliness forces her to sign up for a dating app. She has to remain optimistic even though she meets the colorful, yet sometimes imperfect single men for New York City, hoping to find true love in the world that lacks promise! That is, until she meets Luke, her sophisticated, funny, hot match. But will he stick around or move on to his next match?

Perfect Match

by Zoe May

Here’s another romantic comedy about the world of online dating. Sophia Jones isn’t new to this world, but after all the hours she put in finding the perfect profile picture or crafting her dating app bio, she still has to endure endless another dreadful dates. She is just about ready to give up on the whole dating scene, only ready to give it one last chance, when her flatmate makes her create a profile describing her ‘perfect’ man. “He must look like Robert Pattinson and needs to own a multi-million pound business!” And she does meet the man who ticks all the boxes. Will there be a catch?

A Vicarage Wedding

(The Holley Sisters of Thornthwaite Book 3)

by Kate Hewitt

This is one of the new chick lit books that touches the topic of self-discovery within romance. This novel is the kind that dares to ask the age old question every single girl has thought of at least once – can your rebound be your true love? The protagonist, Rachel Holley’s dream of a wedding and the happily-ever-after crashes down on her when her fiancé breaks it off the night before. All seems lost for her as she finds herself homeless and hopeless. But as luck (and chick-lits) would have it, she gets close to someone she couldn’t envision herself falling in love with. But as Rachel gets to know Sam, she finds herself drawn to this enigmatic man.

So I hope you found our list of the new chick lit books helpful. Which one would you like to read? And if you’ve already read one of these, what’s your review? Lemme know below or tweet me @shilpa1ahuja!

Muaah <3

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