What is Natural Healing: A Complete Guide Decoding Myths & Facts

From skincare problems to mental health disorders, there are natural remedies for every health issue. Read all about them in our natural healing guide below!

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Medicine may be one of the most popular professions in the modern world, but yet, a common person knows so less about how it works, and has little to no control over the prescriptions or treatments prescribed. As medicine care becomes less like the godly act of healing and more like a business, most people worry about their regular health check-ups. What worries most people about modern medicinal treatments and procedures are the side-effects.

Many, many years ago, our ancestors used all sorts of natural healing ways and methods to help heal health problems. And now, people bring all those remedies back. No matter what issues you have, whether it be mental or physical, natural herbs and oils are believed to help and heal you, naturally. And within our team, we’ve even experienced some of these remedies bring actual results. Wanna know more? So read below the ins and outs of natural health healing before getting into it!

What is Natural Healing?


Also known as naturopathy, it’s a healing process that doesn’t involve any sort of contemporary medicinal practices. That includes pills, medicines and vaccines. Natural healing arts rely purely on naturally occurring things like herbs, oils, food and the sun. Natural healings are also based on the fact that nothing is a more powerful healer than unconditional love and that every person has self-healing powers in them!

Holistic Natural Healing: Health & Wellness

Holistic health is all about taking a person as a whole into consideration – body, mind and soul, rather than a particular body part. This type of natural health healing believes that optimum health and wellness can be achieved only when a person’s physical body, their emotions and the spirit are all taken care of. It’s also surrounded by the belief that even if there’s a small issue with one of these, it affects the others as everything is interconnected. Some of the types of holistic healing are massage therapy, exercise, acupuncture, ayurveda, naturopathy and spiritual counselling.

History of Natural Healing


It is believed that natural health and healing were introduced by Hippocrates who’s also known as the father of medicine. Ancient Chinese and Egyptian writings and inscriptions also state various plants and their medicinal uses. This drugless natural healing process soon began to spread to other countries and was adopted by different cultures in different ways.

But as technology advanced and new methods were discovered in medicine, naturopathy or alternative healing started to fade. So National University of Naturopathic Medicine was founded in the 50s to keep naturopathic medicine alive. Soon, more colleges opened and people started to learn the importance and benefits of natural energy healing. And by 2009, major countries and cities had licensed naturopathy practitioners.

Natural Healing Across Cultures


Many, many years ago, natural health healing was practiced and still is to this day across various countries and cultures. In New Zealand, the Maoris used incantations, natural healing massages, water therapy and steam & heat applications. These are practiced to this day in some parts of NZ. Native Americans used the bark of the willow tree to relieve and treat pain. In India, Ayurveda, a vedic medicinal method that has its roots in ancient India, is still practiced widely. It is said to be a transfer of medicinal knowledge from the gods to sages and sages to physicians and doctors. Herbs, seeds and other vegan products like holy basil, lemon and ginger are still used widely across households including our own for treating common ailments.

The Chinese used tai chi (a martial art), herbs, tea and acupuncture to achieve head-to-toe well-being. They also believed in qi, an energy that flows through the body and practiced methods to awake, harness the power of qi and maintain the qi flow. Similarly, Tibetan natural healing also relied on herbal remedies, lifestyle changes and holistic healing.

Science of Natural Healing


Natural healing solutions are based on the belief that you don’t need any kinds of drugs, vaccines or surgical treatments to cure a health issue. Practitioners believe that our bodies have the ability to heal themselves by absorbing energies from nature. Home remedies are based on the physical properties of herbs and spices. For example, turmeric, being a warm spice, when combined with hot milk is a good remedy for cold and cough.

What is Natural Healing Good for?

From something as simple as a cold or sore throat to serious issues like respiratory and mental problems, there’s a natural remedy for it all. And what makes it better is you can do it from the comfort of your own home as and when you please. Keep reading below and you’ll have every reason to turn to traditional healing methods.

Natural Healing Foods


One of the ways to self heal, is by eating healthy food that will naturally boost your health and immune system. These super foods include fresh green veggies like broccoli, kale and spinach, organic proteins like almond fish, eggs, almond butter and yogurt. Also include healthy food items like pumpkin, chia and sunflower seeds, cold-pressed organic oils and apple cider vinegar in your everyday cooking. To season, use only unrefined sea salt and fresh herbs and honey instead of sugar.

This is a preventive method, but can also be used for cures. Some specific food items can be used as solutions for certain problems. They include bananas for stress and anxiety, ginger tea for nausea, raisins for high blood pressure, cabbage for ulcers, potatoes for headaches and buckwheat honey for coughs.

Natural Healing Herbs


Medicinal plants and herbs have so many properties and uses that everyone should grow them in their gardens. Peppermint helps with nausea, stomach upsets and vomiting, thyme is great for throat infections, sage for respiratory problems, and aloe vera for skin and digestive problems. Similarly, flowers like chamomile, lavender, echinacea and comfrey have tons of benefits besides looking all pretty in your garden.

Healing Natural Oils


Using the best essential oils is yet another form of natural healing. These magical oils are extracted from natural sources such as flowers, fruit, bark, nut and resin and contain loads of beneficial properties. These natural healing products can be used in various ways. A couple drops in your bath tub, as a massage oil, soaking a cloth in the oil and applying on the skin for a while or in a diffuser. Try eucalyptus oil for headaches, rosemary oil for aches and pain, clove oil for oral infections, and sandalwood oil for sore throats. Essential oils can also be used for muscle pain.

Do Natural Healing Stones & Crystals Work?


Crystal healing is a type of naturopathy wherein precious stones, gems and crystals are believed to have powerful healing properties, fill you with positive energy and get rid of negative energy. These crystals are supposed to work when placed on your skin, in your pockets or even just displayed on your bedside table. They’re believed to have vibrational energy properties and apparently, they can pick up on vibrations from any individual’s body.

But at the end of the day, you can’t rely on a piece of jewelry to bring you happiness, success or anything like that. Of course, you can still have them around you. They make for some gorgeous decor and accessories!

Types of Natural Healing


There are various methods of natural health and healing, each with their own benefits and uses:

  • Herbalism
  • Acupuncture and natural healing
  • Applied kinesiology
  • Color therapy
  • Iridology
  • Ozone therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Reflexology
  • Meditation
  • Diet
  • Crystal healing
  • Natural healing massage

Natural Skin Healing


For youthful, glowing skin and to keep all skin problems away, incorporate some natural oils and organic remedies into your skincare routine. Coconut oil moisturizes dry skin, tea tree oil heals cuts and chamomile extract for wounds, burns, insect bites, bruises and eczema. Also, rose, calendula flower, arnica flower, aloe vera and honey are good for treating pretty much any skin problem or condition.

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Natural Healing for Mental Health


Mental health is very important, which is why we can’t rely entirely on medicine to help with it. Natural remedies can help heal depression, anxiety and personality disorders. Never underestimate the power of a good diet, some meditation, a regular sleep pattern, and a peaceful environment to improve mental health. Herbs like saffron, lavender help to calm anxieties and relax the mind. Start your day with ananda, vinyasa or iyengar yoga for a peaceful mind and a stress-free day.

Natural Healing Methods


From taking a bath in a tub filled with essential oils or bath salts to something as simple as standing out in the sun, there are so many ways nature heals. Here are some common methods of natural healing:

  • Massaging natural oils onto the skin to get rid of eczema or dryness
  • Compressing with a cloth soaked in essential oils to relieve stress and anxiety
  • Drinking ginger-lemon infused teas to cure a sore throat
  • Adding herbs in your daily meals for overall well-being
  • Regular yoga to keep your body flexible and avoid sprains
  • Eating healthy foods to improve your immune system
  • Include meditation in your lifestyle to keep your blood pressure in check
  • Having turmeric milk to cure colds
  • Listening to calming music to cure panic attacks or insomnia

Natural Healing Remedies


Here are some handy home remedies that will keep common problems at bay!

Sore throat – Crush about five garlic cloves and stir it into warm water and gargle twice a day.

Acne – Mix one part of apple cider vinegar with three parts of water, apply on skin using a cotton ball, leave for a minute and rinse. Do it 1-2 times a day.

Eczema/ Itchy skin – Powder some oatmeal in a blender and stir into your bathwater.

Wounds – Prevent infection by using a paste made of turmeric powder and water.

Cold/ Flu – Brew some ginger tea, add a teaspoon of honey and drink for instant relief

Body pain/ Tiredness – Chop ten cloves of garlic and heat it in four tablespoons of mustard oil. Apply wherever needed.

Joint ache – Drink a glass of lukewarm water with some honey and half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder every morning.

So that was our guide to natural healing and wellness and the types of natural self healing. What are your opinions on this natural path to healing? And do you believe in the healing power of nature? Tell us by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja! 😀

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