Natonya Medford from JustNatonya is our SlubBlogger of the Week. She’s a fashion blogger and promotes body positivity. Read on to know how she inspires others through blogging!

natonya-medford-slubblogger-of-the-week-fashion-styleWhen I held my first Barbie doll, I knew I was driving down “Daring Fashionista Blvd”. I took a look at the two-piece outfit she was wearing and knew she needed a style update. I used to cut and design clothes from my closet to give my Barbie a whole new wardrobe. It was then I realized that I adapted the innovative, resourceful and strategic mentality.

My name is Natonya Medford and I live in Dallas, Texas. And I grew up always wanting to help people through the fashion platform. After graduating from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations and a focus on fashion, I can now combine the two worlds of styling and communication.

Being a fashion enthusiast means I am the go-to person for all the latest styles and trends but what sets my blog JustNatonya apart from others is the inclusion factor. I am passionate about helping everyone to love and embrace the body God gave us because we are purposely made to be different and that makes us all beautiful.

natonya-medford-fashion-influencer-style-slubblogger-of-the-weekJustNatonya is a fashion and lifestyle blog focusing on inner beauty, inspiring stories and style tips. I conduct interviews with male fashion bloggers and share tips on how to live a more carefree life by loving the skin you’re in. I’m basically a fashion enthusiast creating statement looks from my bedroom and sharing with you that no matter how much or little you have, creativity will take you far but faith in your abilities will provide you with endless possibilities.

It wasn’t always easy, I had to learn the true meaning of style. Style is all about confidence. No trendy handbag or ‘get the look’ piece will make you fashionable. The foundation to legendary style is derived from inner beauty. Loving who you are and being comfortable in your body makes it easy for people to relate to and feel your authenticity. You could be the woman who wears nothing but thrift clothes and become the most stylish person in the world because of your positive spirit. It’s about the confidence, embracing who you are and not trying to conform to the world’s guidelines of fashion.

natonya-fashion-blogger-beauty-makeup-curly-hairI recently launched an Instagram page @sheiconic, which promotes body positivity by celebrating all stylish women. SheIconic means the world to me because I’m featuring women on Instagram with different body types, skin, hair and style showing the diversity and reality of fashion because the cookie cutter image is irrelevant this day and age. I want people to know their world is full of beauty and you don’t have to look like the women in the magazines, being yourself is just enough.

fashion-blogger-style-lifestyle-body-positivity-natonyaMy style is always changing because I’m always changing. I’m motivated by the fact that I can wear the same shirt three different ways or mixing two unconventional prints together for a wild look.

When I was fourteen years old, I used to hide my figure under my red knit cardigan until one day my mother told me not to be ashamed of my curves. Today, I dress to emphasize my womanly shape. High-waist jeans, cropped tops, t-shirt dresses, bodycon pencil skirts, combat boots, chunky heels and canvas sneakers are staples in my closet. You’ll never see me without a handbag and funky jewelry to accessorize my #ootd!

One day, I hope to launch my own magazine and clothing line featuring every body type. I want to show that we define fashion, it doesn’t define us. Thank you for featuring me in your SlubBloggers Series, it means a lot to have another platform to share inspiration about body positivity.

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