Nails 2016: Latest Nail Art Trends for Fall 2015/ Winter 2016

Hey gorgeous! Wanna know what’s in & what’s out for Fall 2015/ Winter 2016 nail art? From NYFW and nail artists, here’s our list for the MUST-TRY latest nail art trends! After looking at Fashion Week’s outfits, now it’s turn to take a peek at the latest nail art trends for the season.


What’s In: Latest Nail Art Trends for Fall/ Winter 2015-2016

Negative Space

Creating nail art with negative spaces is all about creating patterns that leave some part of the nail without the nail polish. The latest trend is to use minimalistic designs like stripes, dots or just nail outlines. It should be clean lines without being messy, so use nail strips.

The Silver French Manicure

This is like French mani, but instead of white tips, now it’s silver nail tips. Plus add some gold at the base near the cuticles! The silver French mani has been spotted in New York Fashion Week and is apparently getting so popular that even my mom called me to tell me about it! Take a look:



Ombre has already been popular with hair color, and now it’s trendy in the nail salon too! Instead of a stark ombre, think subtle ombre (also called sombre), which goes blends over gradually to a contrasting color.


Geometric patterns are very in this Fall/ Winter. Again, think simplistic patterns like stripes or triangles in different colors. Don’t go overboard with the colors. The trendiest geometric designs for Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 are in two-three colors.


Some nail-artists and brands are coming up with mixed nail art on each fingernail. Instead of painting all the nails with the same art, you can mix it up between solid-painted, patterns, and negative spaces, etc. Or leave two fingers sans nail art, painted with a single color.


The half-moon nail art designs are created by painting over the half-moon or the cuticle of the nail. This can be painted over unpainted nails, finished with a clear coat. Or it can be painted over an already painted nail with a contrasting color.


Antique Finish

Antique finish is very in! Try bronze, pewter, rose-gold, etc. Paint your nails in an opaque color. Then dab sponge soaked in translucent metallic nail polish over it randomly. Finish with a clear coat.

Both Sides Painted

If your nails are long enough to paint the back side, this is a great idea to try! Paint the backside of the nail with a contrasting or the same color as the front. You can use rhinestones on the backside too!

Colored Tips

Just like the silver French mani with silver tips, you can also paint your tips in any color. It’s trendy to leave the rest of the nail nude, but you can also paint the tips over the nails already painted in another color!

What’s Out!

  • Neons are out.
  • Using too many colors together is out. Use 2-3 colors max.
  • Intricate patterns on all nails are out. Instead, try an intricate pattern on half a nail on just 2-3 nails.

So, did you like these latest nail art trends? I sure LOVED them! Which one is your favorite? Comment below! Also, check out my previous article 20 Best Nail Polish Colors for Fall 2015 where I talked about the latest nail polish colors for Fall Winter 2015-2016 and also posted my own nail art! <3

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