11 Nailpolish Color Trends for Fall 2019/ Winter 2020 You Gotta Try

From party colors to everyday shades, from O.P.I. to Chanel, we’ve rounded up the 11 most popular nailpolish color trends for Fall 2019-Winter 2020 that every fashionista needs to try!

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The cold wintry months are here, and it’s time to wear dark, deep colors on our nails. Fall winter may be the time to wear gloves and hide our nails, but that doesn’t mean we have to shy away from our nailpaint-love! So we’ve compiled a list of the 11 most popular fall colors that’ll make you obsessed about nail polishes!

After doing all this research, I’ve even educated myself on the names of some new hues, since there were so many complicated shades to try for this season! So make sure you wear the trending nail colors this winter.

11 Nailpolish Color Trends for Fall 2019- Winter 2020

I went through the latest collections of all the top nail polish brands to analyze what are the super-trendy nail colors this year. We saw soft shades like rose and also deep colors like eggplant. So it seems like there’s something to suit everyone’s taste this season.

The wild and risky colors like yellow and green are replaced by simpler and more retro shades like ruby and magenta. This is also the season for tertiary colors and in-between shades. I spotted loads of nail paints in top brands’ collections that I couldn’t classify into any color family. There were shades like greyish rose nude, peachy pink, greyish blue, pinky red and many more.

So let’s check out all the latest nail color trends that you can flaunt on your nails this year!

1. Crepe

Crepe is a soft pink shade – one of the lightest shades of pink you can imagine – somewhere between white and petal pink. And it is a super-hot color this season in nails. We saw crepe nail paints in the collections of many of the top nailpolish brands like Christian Louboutin, Chanel, Butter London and Sally Hansen, making it #1 among nailpolish color trends this year.

This soft powder pink would be a great color to wear either in matte or glossy finish. It would be perfect as an everyday shade for office. But you can also match it to your party dresses for evening dates or winter brunch parties! For a darker choice, try blush or rose nail polish shades.

top latest nail polish colors fall 2019 winter 2020 crepe

2. Periwinkle

Periwinkle may not be something everyone wears all the time, but it’s been a classic color choice nonetheless, from Cinderellas’s ball gown to Hermione’s dance dress in Harry Potter! This timeless shade is one the top nailpolish color trends for Fall 2019.

Periwinkle is a shade between soft purple and sky blue, named after the flower. It’s a great change from the classic nailpolish shades. Periwinkle is a more vibrant version of light blue. We saw this shade with a purple tone in Essie and O.P.I. and many more brands. And we also spotted periwinkle blue in Chanel, Smith & Cult, too.

You can pair periwinkle with a matching sweater, or just add it as a contrasting highlight with darker outfits. It would be a great color to wear to work everyday, but it would be awesome at parties too!

popular nail-polish-color-trends-fall-2019-winter-2020-periwinkle

3. Magenta

Inspired by the magenta dresses seen all over the runways for Fall 2019 collections, this pretty color has become a big one on the must-have nail colors list. Magenta is such a retro color that never really goes out of fashion. It’s a bright color that you can pamper yourself with during the cold winter days when everything’s dull and gloomy outside.

You can also try magenta in hyper-glossy finish, as it’s a very vibrant party hue. Magenta nail polish would look really cool with silver or gold crystals. You can also add some nude nail polish to create gorgeous nail art designs. It would be perfect for a wedding, holiday party or bachelorette party.

You can also try hot pink, punch or deep pink. But magenta itself is one of the hottest nailpolish color trends both in clothing and nails.

top latest nail polish colors fall 2019 winter 2020 magenta

4. Rosewood

Subtle, sophisticated and a great alternative to burgundy and black, rosewood is the perfect party nail color for fall/winter! The deep red nail polish shades are also great for dinner dates, as you can pair them with a black dress. Rosewood nails would also be lovely for brides on their big day.

Burgundy and rosewood shades have a dark, rich look perfect for fall and winter seasons. You can also try deep cherry or sangria. Try combining it with gold or black for classy nail art designs.

most popular nail paint colors 2019 2020 winter rosewood

5. Orchid

Orchid is a wonderful shade of purple that no girl can hate! And it’s one of the top nailpolish color trends you need to give a go this season. These fabulous fashion nails would be great for Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties. Add loads of glitter or iridescent top coats. You can also try these beautiful purply nail shades as pedicure colors.

Pale, grey-ish orchid color would be great for office-wear, as you can wear it with your suits and wool trousers. A glittery orchid would be perfect for the wedding season. Or go for a top gel coat on orchid nail polish or iridescent finish for a night out at the club! You can also try lilac, lavender or light purple.

popular nail-polish-color-trends-fall-2019-winter-2020 orchid

6. Mocha

Light brown shades never go out of fashion as nail colors. But this season, they seem to be even trendier! Mocha is the most popular among the light browns. We saw biscuit and mocha as one of the top fashion colors for Fall Winter 2019 too! So, you can even match up your outfits with your nail color and look super chic!

Mocha is a gorgeous color that gives earthy vibes, and it’s been one of my top nail color choices for years. It’s a great idea for office, interviews or just daily wear, it’s a must-have for a polished look. We also saw shades like deep caramel, wood, seipa and rose beige in the top nail polish brands.

popular nail-polish-color-trends-fall-2019-winter-2020-mocha

7. Orange

Fun, bright colors like yellow or orange are the perfect nail ideas for summer, but this winter, you can let your nails scream F-U-N! Go for orange nails with thin black streaks in coffin-shape to create Halloween nail art, or just wear glossy orange gel-like nails in squoval shape for a badass look!

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Nailpolish Color Trends

8. Dull Gold

Both gold and silver are trendy, but what’s most popular among the nailpolish trends for fall, is dull gold. Try these beautiful metallic nails for parties and special occasions. You can also try iridescent gold, golden beige, bronze and copper.

Dull gold is the perfect alternative to shiny or glittery yellow gold. It would be a great idea for those who like to try something shiny but not too gaudy. So go for it for your office parties, wedding rehearsals or pre-wedding shoot.

latest-nail-polish-color-trends-fall-2019-winter-2020 dull-gold

9. Eggplant

Deep grape, violet and eggplant, all three shades are very trendy this season. The deepest purples are such a cool idea when you want something different than the usual reds and pinks. It’s a color that would also look good in winter coats and sweaters, so match up!

You can also go for shimmery eggplant nail polish, or try a brighter color, like deep amethyst. These shades are some of the most popular nailpolish color trends for Fall 2019, and you can wear them all the way up to Valentine’s next year!

Eggplant nail polish would be a nice idea for dates, anniversaries or parties. It’s also just a great change to wear just like that, when you want a pamper session at your home spa!

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popular nail-polish-color-trends-fall-2019-winter-2020-eggplant

10. Ruby Red

Classic red shades are so beautiful on nails. You can pull them off regardless of season. Among the reds, the best nail polish colors for this season are scarlet, classic red, ruby and tulip red. We spotted ruby red in major nail paint collections like Dior, O.P.I., Chanel & Christian Louboutin.

This is a bright shade, perhaps not suitable for workplaces. However, ruby red is surely a statement color, great for parties and anniversary dates. It’s of course, a festive color that would perfectly suit Christmas season! So paint your nails red this fall and wear matching ruby rings to uplift your mood!

best nail paint colors 2019 2020 trends ruby-red

11. Rose Nude

Subtle and light nudes have always been a fave both among celebs and nailpolish brands. Skin colors have been on top of the list for years when it comes to nail color favorites. And this season, they’re as popular as ever! I personally love wearing nudes and reds on my nails. This season, the in-colors for nails are pinkish latte, matte cream, and pale latte.

Rose nude would be the best idea to wear at formal work occasions, like interviews, conferences or daily office wear. It would also be great for a brunch or first date. Or add some rhinestones to jazz it up for a party!

top-nailpolish-color-trends-fall-2019-winter-2020 rose-nude

So what did you think of these latest nailpolish color trends? Which one would you most like to wear this fall, and which one would you avoid? Lemme know below! Also, I’d love to see your manicure, so do tag me in your pics @shilpaahujadotcom on Instagram and I’ll ‘love’ them!

Muaah 🙂

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