Nailed it! Launch of Trendy Nail Rings by Farah Khan

Women can never have enough rings and that’s why the fashion world is so full of them and yet a new trend emerges every now and then. The latest hot trend in the nail market is finger-nail rings.

This trend is not exactly new – it came into the spotlight a little in the past by Chanel in their Fall 2013 Couture collection.

Chanel Fall 2013 Couture
Chanel Fall 2013 Couture

But in 2016, we’re seeing nail rings with a twist. This time around, it was brought into the fashion scene by celebrity jewelry designer, Farah Khan. These are like nail art brought to life, like, literally. Let’s take a look at these latest jewels:

Farah Khan’s exclusive and trendy collection of nail rings

This one is my most favorite from FKFJ’s collection. It is called ‘le tissage nail ring’. The rose gold fingernail ring, set with diamonds looks like something you can wear for a party or even a wedding.

Le Tisage Nail Ring
Le Tisage Nail Ring

These two look very summery and perfect for brunches or a garden party. A short dress to team it with is all you need.

La Fleur Nail Ring / La Recit Nail Ring
La Fleur Nail Ring and La Recit Nail Ring

So go ahead try out this latest nail-ring trend… Here’s how:

  • The first thing you need to do is to get yourself a manicure. Ain’t nobody wanna see those dry cuticles.
  • Start with a nude base. You can leave the nails nude or if you wish, you paint them with a solid color. My favourite is white so that all the focus is on the nail rings.
  • Stay away from nail art, so that the rings really pop.
  • With these nail rings, you can also pair a bracelet. And the keep the rest of the hand/wrist jewelry to a minimum.
  • That’s about it and you’re ready to flaunt these beauties!

The gold or stone-embellished nail rings are a great idea for garden parties or weddings.

The ones by Chanel are super edgy and can be worn for a night out. Stack them up to make a statement or wear them on all your fingers to make it look like a luxury manicure. The idea of a half ring is very smart to keep one comfortable and not lose grip of anything you hold!

Hope you loved the idea of trying out this hot new nail-ring trend! Did you get some inspiration? Let me know whether you wanna try these and which one you liked the best!

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