21 Nail Art Designs for 2020: Latest Trends to Try at Home

Stay updated on the chicest nail art designs for 2020. From confetti nails to painterly waves to tie-dye nails, your search for nail art trends ends right here.

Featured: Nail art by @betina_goldstein

There is something about an intricate nail art design that instantly attracts people. It might be because of the eye-catching shades, shapes, and patterns. Also, nail art is one of the few trends that all can recreate. It is suitable for any nail length, including short. From milk bath florals to marble splattered to shell detailed nails, we have rounded up 2020’s chicest nails art ideas for you below.


21 Beautiful Nail Art Designs to Wear All Season Long

Check out our list of the best nail art designs that you literally won’t stop admiring this year and beyond.

1. Milk Bath Florals

Are you easily drawn to pretty florals, fanciful designs, and artsy pressed flowers? Then this 2020 nail art trend is right up your alley. We are talking about milk bath floral nail art. It is the ultimate luxurious soak bath for your hands, which transforms into the prettiest nail art ever. This design is also termed as acrylic painted nails where multi-colored, dried flowers are fixed in a milky hued acrylic.

Creating this nail design will depend on your technicality speed; it may take up to an hour or two. We’re definitely waiting to spare time to get this beautiful art imprinted on our nails. The milky floral trend has flooded Instagram shown mostly as accented designs or a full-set mani. It is also suitable for all types of nail length. Basically it’s everything you wish for in a nail art design.


2. Marble Splatter

We saw marble splatter in nail art designs a couple of years back. In 2020, marble splatter is taking over the manicure world. The swirly, soft designed marble nail features a black base coat instead of white. The manicure transforms it from basic to refined. It might look complex because of the soft designs, but it’s actually achievable from the comfort of your home. Apply two coats of white nail polish and allow it to dry. Next, use a black sharpie pen to create swirls or marble-like designs over the nails. Allow the black nail to dry off completely. Then dip your liner brush in acetone to break up the lines. More than creating swirls, you can also go for splatter spots and tiny dots. Finish off with a clear coat.


3. Matte Rainbow Tips

The French manicure has a new adaptation in the form of rainbow French or colorful tipped mani. The rainbow tips feature different nail paint on each fingernail. Similar to the basic French tip, the rainbow design keeps the rest of the nails bare, with the color popping just on the tips. If you are looking for inspiration, then look no further than the paint job of Kylie Jenner below take off her Instagram page; matte rainbow French manicure. You can easily pull off this nail design in a mix of neon or pastels as opposed to a classic rainbow color too.

matte-rainbow-tips-nail art designs

4. Cow Print

Forget leopard print! The next big thing hitting our fingertips in 2020 is the cow print. The sartorial choice in nail art designs is also fashion-week approved and sassy. When executed well, the moo-moo nail trend is the right amount of good taste. If you scoured the internet through #CowNails, several edgy iterations of the statement-making mani will come up. From acrylics to natural nails, cow print nails come in a number of designs! The manicure features a white base with splotches of black spots – the clearly identifiable pattern related to our bovine farm friends.


5. Shell Detailed Nails

Shell detailed nails will be great for those of you who are gravitating towards a unique look. The depth that goes into shell nails makes this specific nail trend really unexpected. If you’re a beginner to nail art, the multiple swirls of the shell details may seem complex. A simple way to master the design is to use white nail paint and a striping brush. Swipe the tool over the nails to give it an illusion of shells. It doesn’t matter which nail length you have, this beautiful work trend will work just right.


6. Cloud Nails

We may not be in the best situation at the moment but there are few nail trends that cheer us up. Speaking of which we have the cloud nails. First featured on Instagram, the design is exactly as you think: swirls of white and blue, whimsical, and dreamy. The puffy nails are painted over sky-blue base nail paint. But if you would prefer a less vivid interpretation, then you go for abstract manicure ideas. For instance, you may opt for milky, soft pinks, and lavender lacquers. Also, the manicure looks great on almost all nail shapes and lengths.


7. Tartan Plaid

A tartan style manicure is back and trending everywhere at the moment. With all the gel paints everywhere, creating plaid nail art designs is easy and remarkable! Here is how you can create a similar look. Paint your nails using a cream base. Place two thin tape pieces in vertical lines. Use jelly paint to draw the lines. Remove the tape and add two lines horizontally. Fill up the rest of the exposed areas using jelly nail paint. Seal using a top coat after removing the tape. Try different color combinations as this trend will work well into wintertime.


8. Tie-Dye Mani

You may have come across this watercolor-like nail art whilst exploring ‘Gram pages. This dreamy look has been popular since the 70s. The great thing about this design is that there are several finishes to this art, from gradient to circular, to trippy patterns. Or you can also opt-out from going full tie-dye. If you want a subtle finish, you can limit the shades to your fingertips or just one accent nail. Popular ones are pink, blue, and white, but you can also try some unusual tones and combos.

Butter London

9. Confetti

Nothing can look more party-ready than this newest nail trend. From a subtle hint of glitter to larger foiled studs, confetti nails give the illusion of all-things-sparkly. The look has a full-on-glittery effect but looks polished than your average glitter nails. Plus, it’s big with the beauty influencers and has been appearing on Instagram feed everywhere. Just like everything, this blossoming nail style has a textural effect, like you’ve really layered confetti.


10. Double Corner Mani

Double corner mani is a standout version of the classic French manicure. To create this one, you need a steady hand and a detail brush. Instead of just painting your nail tips white, go for a white tip in one corner and a white root diagonally opposite. You have to make sure that the line drawn should have a smooth edge. You may also select a nail paintbrush that is suitable for every nail size. This will ensure a streak-free application.


11. Half-Moon Lines

This style of nail art designs was trending in 2018, a simple half-moon. In 2020, we are loving the new variation with two thin lines near the root of the nail. Half-moon design is the perfect nail art featuring both intricate and simple designs. In other words, it is a colored outline drawn as a small, rounded curve at the base of the fingernails. It is also known as the lunula concept. The half-moon lines can also be designed by a seasoned nail professional or a beginner with a steady hand.


12. Painterly Waves

We totally heart this sweet beachy wave nail trend of summer. The painterly waves nail art is ideal for the hot season. And what more fun when you can try this trend at home! Here is how you may create one. Apply a base coat over your nails and use a cool blue over the entire nail. Next, create a wavy line in diagonal lines. Then apply blue paint and white paint in a similar wavy effect. Finish off with a top coat to seal in the nail art.


13. Rainbow Sequined Nails

This is again one of the coolest nail art trends at the moment. The rainbow sequined manicure, as the name clearly indicates, is a French mani embedded with glitter. Depending on your choice, you may use the sequins as the base. It is a simple method to add shine to your nails while still looking at giving out a grown-up vibe.


14. Unicorn

Our love for unicorn is eternal! And the beautiful colors on the nails aren’t going anywhere this season. To get the look, you may experiment with gorgeous combinations of pastel colors. For added spark, you can also go for softer shades in unusual ways, like wearing glitter paint on two fingernails. Check this one out for inspiration.


15. Single Nail Art

The accent nail has found a spot in the latest trends for nail art. Offbeat and practical, nail art on one nail is a great way to show off your intricate designs. From floral to heart accents, to the simplicity of sunny paint, you can take off with one suitable for your taste. This is also a subtle way to upgrade your regular manicure. You can get expressive as you want on one of your fingers. 2020’s choice of the finger is the index finger! And then finish it off with the polished look of a classic manicure on the remaining fingernails.


16. Cherry Blossoms Nail Art

Fruit inspired nail art is perfect for people who wish to be expressive in a playful and colorful way. Cherry blossoms are one of the fruit choices that many girls refer to manicure inspiration. Because less is more at times, and this minimalist fruit art is one idea if you’re craving for subtle. You may use a dotting tool and different paint shades to create your desired effect.

Butter London

17. Gold Foil

You heard it first over here: Gold foil manicures are going big in 2020. And they’re coming back with a bang. Instead of going for your average nail style, you tried in high school, try out this super doable gold foil version. Consider this newest nail trend as the low-key answer to experiment with nail art.


18. Eclipse Nails

The nail trend that’s seen the most in 2020 is the pretty eclipse or galaxy nails. Plus it is simple to create. All you need is nail polish and a steady hand for a few minutes.  To complete the look, use a base coat, black to dark blue shades, and other nail paint colors. Beginning with a black nail paint layered over the base coat, you may then proceed to create half-moon lines on the base of each nail. For added drama, use splotches of paint for swirly effect.


19. Intergalactic Space

Intergalactic nail art has been trending for a while. This nail art comes in a number of forms and is relatively easier to create. For this, you will need tape, a dotting tool, and a nail paintbrush for streak-free application. Made up of intergalactic details, the nail art mostly features a modern constellation filled with ethereal details. We especially love the glow of the starry striping art along with the studs used below.


20. Watercolor Nails

Another one of the summer-inspired nail art designs is watercolor nails. This nail art is a beauty as you can see below. You can also try this streaky design from home using a dotting tool and nail paint. After cleaning, buffing, and filing your nails, you may apply two coats of a neutral shade. Allow it to dry off completely. Once the base has dried, use the dotting tool to create the dots along with your fingernails. Seal with topcoat for superior effect.


21.Tropical Inspired Nails

The nail art designs of 2020 are about letting go and having fun. Instead of going safe with a neutral mani, why not pick something inspired by summery colors and create an artsy filled nail look?


So those were the latest nail art designs and top trends. Which one’s your favorite? Share your own pics by tagging us on Instagram @shilpaahujadotcom! I’ll be sure to like it! Do let us know by commenting below or by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

Image Credits: Instagram (refer individual handles above)

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