13 Must Have Lingerie Essentials Every Girl Needs

Building the perfect lingerie wardrobe is a step towards inner confidence. Here’s a list of must have lingerie essentials for every girl.  

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Lingerie is the first thing we put on in the morning. And whether or not it shows, it impacts our overall look. Have you ever felt the itch or the twitch with your undergarments? You then realize that your subconsciously tugging at your bra or walking funny because your choice of panties don’t feel great with the dress your wearing.

Well, a lot of us have been there and it’s a dark place to be. Learning to choose the right undergarments is all you need for great confidence and the right lingerie wardrobe is the fundamental base to great dressing.

And that’s why we decided to write about the must have lingerie items every girl needs. The choice was tough. Notes were discussed, emails were exchanged, debates got heated, but we finally decided upon these 13 lingerie essentials.

So here are the must have lingerie essentials that will keep you prepared no matter what fashion throws at you.

13 Must Have Lingerie Essentials to Keep You Ready


1. The 7 Essential Bras

A. Comfortable Tee-Shirt Bras

A tee-shirt bra with under wiring is an everyday accessory to wear with all the tops, dresses, shirts, blouses and what not for the modern woman. You could own a few in the basic colors such as black, gray, nude and own one or two in your favorite colors for some fun. If you have any transparent t-shirts, get a matching bra, too!

Marks and Spencer

B. Sassy Bralettes

The latest in the fashion scene are bralettes. Usually unlined, non-padded and wire-free, they can be worn under blouses revealing a bit of lace.

Victoria’s Secret

C. Wireless Bras for Lounging

Wireless bras are for absolute comfort and ease. The mildly padded ones with good support can also be doubled as a tee shirt bra and the non-padded ones are great to wear at home  or while travelling.

Victoria’s Secret

D. Convertible Bras

Every woman has got to have one of these convertible bras. They are great for low lined necks, straps can be adjusted into halters, criss-crosses, etc. and even strapless. Make sure you try them on in all its different uses before picking the right one for you.

Bare Necessities

E. Push-ups Bras

The ever sexy push up. These gravity-defying bras are a must for everyone. They not only make you feel fantastic but also work functionally as great support. Wear them with your best dresses and plunging neckline tops to give yourself an edge.

Victoria’s Secret

F. White Bras for White Clothes

Owning a white basic is great for when you have white colored clothing and semi-sheer blouses. But make sure you try on bra colors that are closest to your skin shade for thinner white clothing.

Marks and Spencer

G. Sports Bras

A sports bra is a must for any kind of exercise, which includes power walking. Own a pair that make you feel comfortable and protected for all your activities.

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2. The 3 Must-Have Panties

A. Cotton Based Knickers for Everyday

The basic cotton knickers are great for everyday wear. Own one for every day of the week and try to match them to the colors of your bra, that way you’ll have cute matching sets. Also have a few cotton briefs for women. The briefs avoid harsh knicker lines that would otherwise appear in the folds of your legs and waistline.

Victoria’s Secret

B. Seamless Panties for Concealment

A seamless panty is perfect for the tight skirts, shorts, dresses and work pants. Since the seam lines are close to invisible, they leave the area looking and feeling smooth on the outside, and help avoid the ugly panty-lines.

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C. Sexy Thong Panties

Thongs are super sexy. Although lot of women find them uncomfortable. Thongs made of light materials such as lace gives that ease and make you feel great compared to the spandex/synthetic based ones. Once you find the right pair, you can wear them under tight dresses and leggings when you want a no-show!

Victoria’s Secret

3. A Matching Bra and Panty Set

Whether or not you have a partner or a husband, every girl should have a pair of matching lingerie. If you don’t want to do it for your partner, do it for your own body’s confidence. Matching lingerie can elevate your sense of carrying an outfit to the next level.

Victoria’s Secret

4. Attractive Bustiers

The bustier is a modern day practical version of a corset. These are usually fastened with hook and eye. They have boning as their base frame and ample space for your bust with under wiring for a flawless fit and a nice lift. Wear them under any of your grand clothing to outline your fabulous figure.

Bare Necessities

5. Garter Belts to Add Spice

Garter belts work for keeping your thigh high stockings in place. But history and experience tell us that this is undoubtedly a very uncomfortable accessory to wear all day, everyday. May you be blessed if you are one of those women who enjoy wearing these beauties. But we put it in our must have lingerie list only so that it can be used to spice up certain exciting events. 😉

Bare Necessities

6. Essential Pantyhose

Pantyhose was the god sent answer to uncomfortable garter belts. Easily an attractive option for winter wear and formal wear. Nude and black are the two must have colors in pantyhose.

Bare Necessities

7. Basic Camisoles

Camisoles are used as foundation garments and are shorter than chemise. They are best used for layering under sheer blouses and shirts making you look your best. Every women needs a white and black, and perhaps one matching your sheer blouses. Perfect for work wear!

Marks and Spencer

8. Not So Old Fashioned Slips

Slips definitely help hide those underwear lines and even your underwear from peeping out occasionally. Tried and tested, the dress you’re wearing falls better on you. And if you love wearing a slip made of satin with lace trimming, be assured you would feel like a star.

Marks and Spencer

9. Must Have Shape Wear

Shape wear perform mini miracles and are definitely a must have lingerie element. Get that evenly toned body when you wear that fitted dress. It tucks away the cellulite and reduces your waist by a small measurement. Make sure you buy under-bust shape wear to enhance and uplift your bust as well.

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10. A Sensual Peppy Teddy

Teddies are the new rompers. They can be used as a layer of sexy inner wear that peek out when you wear loose blouses or crop tops. Lounge wear such as a teddy can also be worn outside on a sunny day for some fun.

Victoria’s Secret

11. A Delectable Bodysuit

Body suits are great for a clean, tucked in look. Wear them with skirts, jeans, shorts, etc. and throw on a nice jacket or a stole to complete the look.

Victoria’s Secret

12. A Classy Night Dress

PJs are one thing, but a sexy night dress is a whole different ball game. It’s every girl’s must must must! Find the right one with a lot of lace and the satin so soft it makes you feel extra glamorous!

Marks and Spencer

13. Matching Robes

With the right night dresses comes the matching dress robes. For a quick walk down the hall way in the middle of the night, the robe comes in handy.

Victoria’s Secret

So, there are must have lingerie essentials. Tell us what you think about the lingerie you currently own. And if you will be adding a few after reading this post!
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