Must Have Hair Accessories Every Girl Needs

From head pieces to head scarves, discover the must have hair accessories to amp up your look and wardrobe!

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Hey gorgeous! No outfit is complete without the right accessories. Hair accessories are the best thing in fashion and are very effective in creating fashion statements of their own. From headbands to hairclips there are many options in hair accessories. Some are perfect for everyday at the office or casually, others are great for various occasions like parties, weddings and ceremonies. They are one of the easiest and quickest ways to spice up your entire look!

And that’s why every girl needs the absolute must have hair accessories in her closet. Let’s take a look at the full list of essentials!

Must Have Hair Accessories for 2017

1. Hair Pins

Hair pins are a great accessory that work well with any type of hairstyle. Hairpins like bobby pins, U-pins and embellished pins are must haves and can be used in different ways. Bobby pins are used to tuck your hair in place, U-pins are great for buns and embellished hairpins can be used in accessorizing buns or ponytails for parties.


2. Hair Ties


For a casual outing, try basic black rubber bands or colorful ribbons. And go for embellished or colorful hair ties to add a pop of color to a simple ponytail. Scrunchies, however unsexy, are totes necessary for weekends and hanging out at home.

3. Hair Clips

Hair clips have always been the most essential thing, especially for long hair. In fact they are a unique accessory as they not only clip the hair in place but also make a fashion statement. Great option for making different hairstyles, for office, casual outings or date nights.


4. Head Pieces

Headpieces are usually reserved for special occasions but are a necessary part of a wardrobe nonetheless. An embellished hair comb or a classy fascinator are good options. They do a great job in accessorizing embellished gowns or dresses. You can also try a simple flower pin for wedding parties.

accessories-for-hair-must-haves-for-girls-head-piece-embellished-hair-comb-fascinator5. Head Scarves

All the different colors, prints and sizes give hair scarves a personality of their own. You can use head scarves in many different ways with different wrapping techniques to create unique styles. A printed scarf is a must have, which can also be tied as a bandana or headband.

must-haves-hair-accessoriers-printed-head-scarves-for-girls-beautiful-must-haves6. Head Bands

Headbands are great multi-taskers. They’re very functional yet trendy, isn’t it? From keeping the bangs and all the flyways neatly tucked in one place, they work for any hair length. Have one plain headband to wear casually and an embellished one for parties or weddings.


So these are the must have hair accessories! Which one is your favorite? Lemme know! Comment below!

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