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06-moschino-spring-summer-2016-rtw-construction-inspired-traffic-cone-bag-caution-tapeMoschino Spring Summer 2016 collection at Milan Fashion Week was experimental as expected. And it does not disappoint.

Moschino has been a lot in the news lately for exploratory (read: eccentric) pop-culture-inspired fashion. Some critics have called it inelegant. Plus, in my article How to Dress Like Royalty, I made a mention to Moschino’s McDonald’s inspired dress on Katy Perry to given an example of what is ‘not royal at all”.

Fashion is a representation of the culture, the time we live in. Fashion is not a one size fits all thing. And in that case, Moschino is not for when you want to look ‘royal’. It is for when you want to be cool and bold, when you want to wear radical outfits. When you want to stand out in the crowd.

The runway was designed to look like a roadside construction site – replete with traffic cones, caution and traffic signs, orange construction barrier and road surface markings where the models walked. Traffic signs blinking on either side of the runway said things like, “Dangerous Couture Ahead“, “Clothed for Construction“, “Runway Closed” and “High Heels Only“.



The first part of the fashion show had outfits inspired by this roadside construction theme. Certainly innovative, the pieces included traffic cone handbag, caution-tape bordered dresses, orange construction fence jackets, construction hats, mechanic wrench necklaces, caution-graphic skirts and road-surface marking-inspired pumps.

39-moschino-fashion-show-spring-summer-2016-blue-glass-cleaner-shirt-dress-eau-de-toiletteThe second half was a barrage (or, at least, a fast-paced fashion show) of FMCG packaging and cartoon show inspired outfits. Powerpuff Girls and glass-cleaner bottle graphics were used on some, such as one worn by Bella Hadid.

My favorite pieces from the collection include ‘Do Not Enter’ and traffic cone handbag, construction barricade inspired-boots, traffic signal charms necklace and Powerpuff Girl Bubbles handbag! Check them out below!




“Moschino is not for when you want to look ‘royal’. It is for when you want to stand out in the crowd.”


Moschino Spring Summer 2016 Collection at Milan Fashion Week: Gallery


Moschino Spring Summer 2016 Collection at Milan Fashion Week: Video


Moschino Spring Summer 2016: Shop the Collection

Some of the pieces from the collection are already up in the Moschino online store! Here are my picks:
Moschino iPhone6 Cover
Logo Little Black Dressmoschino-spring-summer-201-rtw-lbd-little-black-dress-logo-construction Sequin Crop Topmoschino-spring-summer-201-rtw-red-crop-top-stop-sign-road-traffic-shop Shop Sign Small Leather Bagmoschino-spring-summer-201-rtw-red-mini-bag-stop-sign-road-traffic-shop

So, what did you think of the Moschino Spring Summer 2016 ready-to-wear collection from Milan Fashion Week? What’s your favorite piece from the collection and how would you wear it?

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