Frizzy, harsh and unmanageable hair – I dealt with it all. But Moroccan hair oil did wonders to my hair. Discover how it changed my hair care routine!

moroccan hair oil haircare-review-argan-moroccan-oil-for-hair-regimenHey beautiful! Having an everyday routine for hair care is important. We often end up drying our scalp by excess shampooing, using too many styling products and what not?! And what about when our hair takes the burn from styling iron, blow dries, city pollution and dust?! Even I have gone through this phase and my hair had a tough time. It was dry, brittle and full of dandruff. I was in my final year of college and with two projects and six internals, I had completely ignored my hair care routine.

So, my hair stylist suggested me to use Moroccan oil (also known as Moroccan argan oil). Intially, I ignored him at first thinking he might just be selling another product. You know the ultra expensive spammy products salons sell, right? Later, one of my friends too, started praising the oil. So, I thought of giving it a try since I saw good reviews online, too!

I got one from my salon. It was Moroccan hair oil – original. It was a bit expensive – actually expensive, it costed ₹2500 ($39). Once in a while, we do fall for expensive useless products at times. That’s what I thought while buying the product. But however, this one gave good results and eventually I was like, meh, maybe it’s worth it!

How I Used Moroccan Hair Oil: Moroccon Hair Oil Benefits

I started using it after washing my hair. I used to take 1-2 pumps (since I had long hair) and apply it to scalp and also from the mid-lengths to ends. Initially, I used to go overboard by doing this twice. Later, I realized one pump is more than enough for medium length hair (both on scalp and ends). My hair progressed well – reduced hairfall, improved hair texture and shine and hair growth.

I had never expected the result to be this good (owing to other new products I used). Moroccan hair oil benefits are that it lasts long for a couple of days. It’s only my third bottle and has become a routine for me! I also use it as a heat protectant while styling my hair. My hair is much longer now, it goes down to my waist. So, it’s like a hair serum cum hair oil that’s non sticky and non greasy. And I have faced less hair issues since I started using Moroccan hair oil. Okay! I’m saying too many good things! Moroccan hair oil makers – are you listening? Do I at least get next bottle for free? Or at least give some discount to our readers!

This is my personal experience with the oil, it might vary from person to person. Like my mom says her hair is shinier and has zero hairfall but there is no hair growth. But ultimately, I have had good experience so far. Touch wood! But I feel sceptical buying it again and again as it’s overpriced. I mean why doesn’t Moroccan oil have an annual sale like The Body Shop?!

So, this was my personal experience with Moroccan hair oil. Have you used the oil? Did it work well for you? Any Moroccan hair oil benefits you wanna share? Do you have any negative feedback to share? Let us know! If you didn’t like it, then pass on your unused bottle to your friends, sister or send it over to me!

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