Monsoon Fashion Tips: How to Stay Stylish in the Rains

Monsoon may spell romance in movies and books, but in reality, it’s synonymous to muck-seared roads and horribly stained clothes. But that’s definitely no excuse to dress shabbily. And even though we all want to sit at home and sip coffee, we all know that life needs to go on, even when it’s pouring outside!

And because there’s no reason to not enjoy this wet season of artistic skies and the fragrance of rain-water, we may as well be stylish while we’re at it! With a little thought and planning, looking good even in the rainy season is not THAT difficult! So I’ve made a list of what to do and what not to do in this season. It’s time to take out the cardigans, rain-boots and umbrellas out of the closet again!

Monsoon Fashion Tips: Clothing

1. Go for light fabrics like soft cotton, cotton, lycra, etc. which dry quickly.
2. Stay away from light knits and linens because they tend to shrink when they come in contact with water.
3. Go for no-fuss clothing. A big no-no to flowy outfits, because they collect water droplets and then stick to themselves.
4. Avoid layering your outfits with denim jackets or heavy fabrics. Instead, try to wear simple outfits like tops and shorts.
5. Layer your dresses with a stylish cardigan.
6. Fedora hats can make a stylish addition to your rainy day ensemble.
7. Waterproof jacket or a raincoat is the best bet to keeping yourself dry.
8. Ditch those denims. Opt for cotton shorts or culottes instead.
9. If you’re going to be out in the rain, avoid whites or any light pastel colors.
10. Store away any leather accessories and clothing.
11. Invest in rain boots or gum boots/ jelly sandals. They’ll come in really handy when you wanna make your way through those puddles!
12. Flip-flops will squirt back dirty water onto your clothes.
13. Bring out all the shorts, play-suits/ rompers and culottes.
14. Maxi dresses, jump-suits and palazzos should be put in the back of your closets this season if you want to avoid wet hemlines.
15. Avoid dark clothes that bleed.
16. If you’re going to office or a business meeting, avoid chiffon and low-threadcount cotton, which may become transparent if get rained upon on your way to work.

Monsoon Outfits: How to Dress on a Rainy Day

Here are some ideas on how to dress on a rainy day:

#1: The simple combo of tee and shorts works the best in monsoons. Pair your outfit with jelly sandals and a chic umbrella!


#2: On those cool and breezy evenings, layer a sweater over a tank top and leggings, and add a cotton scarf with matching rain-booties!

#3: Pair your transparent oversized umbrella with a neutral-colored shirt-dress or shirt with leggings and rain-boots.


#4: Mix up pastels to create colorful outfits, like a deep-neutral colored pair of culottes with a multi-colored shirt and light-colored accessories.

Fashion Tips: Skin, Hair and Makeup

1. Monsoons come with high humidity, which sometimes irritates the skin. So make sure to keep the skin dry and hydrated.
2. Don’t forget to scrub the dry skin away.
3. Make sure your make up is waterproof. Runny mascara and half-rubbed eyeliner is a bad, bad look!
4. Invest in a good hair serum to keep the frizz at bay. Ain’t nobody wanna look like a mess.
5. Do not blow-dry your hair this season, because it may make your hair frizzy and dry.
6. If you’re having a bad-hair day, just put it up in a top knot for a casual yet stylish look.

So, girls, hope these tips were helpful. Go and play in the rain, but don’t forget to look like a million bucks!

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