Cover It Up with Modest Clothing | 6 Runway-Inspired Ideas

Modest clothing is catching up in the fashion scene. Blazers, dresses, pantsuits et all – master the chic women’s modest fashion trend.

Modest Clothing modest fashion-shilpa-ahuja-street-fashion-blogger-jeans-casual-look-spring-floral-768x512With colder days approaching, we’ve been seeing a lot of layering on the runways this year. One end of the fashion spectrum being sheer clothing and bold cutouts, whereas the other end is embracing trendy modest clothing. Indeed, to look chic or trendy, one doesn’t need to show a lot of skin. If you’re one fashionista who is more comfortable with keeping it humble in modest outfits then you’re surely going to be one to take hold of this trend.

If you’re having a trip planned to a modest country/city, girl we’ve got you covered (literally)!

What is Modest Clothing?

Modest clothing can be simply explained as less-skin-revealing fashion. In short, it’s minimum exposure and maximum style! It’s not just for those who are not bold enough to show their skin. Modest clothing is the perfect pick for you if you just wanna show off your best assets (as Shilpa puts it!). Modest clothing is embraced by all ethnicities, religions, age groups and even royalty!

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oscar-de-la-renta-spring-summer-2018-ss18-collection-rtw (5)-loose-shirt-jeans
Oscar de la Renta

How to Be Modest and Fashionable?

Style has nothing to do with showing skin. You can flatter your body in different ways with modest clothing. For example, revealing slip dresses which were super trendy in the 90s and currently ruling the runways can be worn with a full sleeved tee. Also, dresses with pants, midi dresses and matching-sets with cool appliqué or artsy prints can bring out the classy, modest lady in you. Loving the modest skirt here by Versace:

versace-spring-summer-2018-ss18-rtw (16)-denim-shirt-lookModest Clothing Ideas

So let’s explore some of these runway-inspired ways to rock the modest clothing trend!

1. Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are a modest clothing staple. Dior showcased a few of them in their RTW collection this season. An easy pairing would be statement flats, strappy sandals or kicks. Wear relaxed cuts in deeper crimsons and blues. Or add a belt to add some structure.

2. Midi Dresses

Just above the ankle length dresses are perfect for both flats and heels. You can also try shorter dresses with pants. Choosing the right bottoms is paramount to pulling a look together. Go for some urban bottoms that blend with the feel of the dress. You can go in for eye-catching accessories like a leather bag, wristbands and buttons that are bound to give a playful twist to any look.

dolce and gabbana modest fashion long sleeve maxi dress dresses
D & G

3. Tailored Trousers

Embrace the boss lady spirit with tailored trousers this season. Whether it’s an embellished sweater you’re in the mood for or a quietly sophisticated top, you’ll find all of them lined up with well-fitted straight pants. Other options to try are long asymmetric tops and maxi tops with front slits.

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4. Loungewear

Time to rethink your snooze attire because you can lounge in these modest wear all day. The sassiest way to count sheep! These outfits will keep you in vogue and comfortable while you catch some much-needed zs. Loungewear is perfect for traveling or weekend brunches.

dolce and gabbana modest dresses
D & G

5. Pantsuits/ Matching Sets

Pantsuits are perfect for office and interviews, while casual matching sets work well for coffee dates to gym days. Create looks in sweet colors and prints with cropped trousers and exaggerated collars. The detail of the cuffs underneath creates a perfect synergy of volume and length. Bringing in some quirk into modest wear.

6. Trousers with Sweaters

With a wardrobe brimming with cozy voluminous sweaters, you can never have too many of them. They are always perfect with a pair of trousers. Think a warm 80s sweater, minimal accessories and monotone color palettes – all coming together to create an outfit to team with a modern hijab. You can also pair well-fitted sweaters with long, modest skirts. Try matching items for a taller look.

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Modest meets quirk with accessories. Finish off the feel of the look with some big hoops, layered chains, chokers, beret hats, sunglasses and beautified headbands. Also, don’t forget the bags and the bold red lip. These add-ons will take you the distance.

dolce-gabbana-abaya-fashion-hijab-muslim-women-style (7)-sunglasses-studded-blackSo, that’s all you need to know about modest clothing. What do you think of this fashion trend? Do let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja. And if you try some new looks inspired by our article, show us by tagging us @shilpaahujadotcom on Instagram!

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