Mix and Match Style Guide for 5 Must-Have Nude Fashion Items

Here’s our Mix and Match Style Guide to 5 essential & versatile nude fashion items every girl must have + how to create outfits for every occasion!

5 Common Items, 20 Different Outfits for Every Occasion!

Hey gorgeous! Ah, the beauty and timelessness of nude color… It ranges from beige to tan to cream to nearly coffee shades. Trends change, but these items have stood the test of time. They look classy, sure, but that’s not just why we keep coming back to them. It’s because they are so versatile. They work well basically anywhere, from work, to college, to coffee with friends and from shopping, to date nights, to your fanciest parties!

There are 5 nude fashion items that every girl needs to have – a nude handbag, a nude lipstick, a nude belt, a nude pair of stilettos and a nude nail polish. You can style these in countless ways.

So I took many long hours to compile this list of 5 must-have fashion items in nude color that every girl must have. And not just that, I have also compiled a Mix and Match Style Guide of how to pair them with different outfits for work, casual day-wear, date night, and party. So, I am laying out the mix and match style guide for every occasion! Let’s go!

Mix and Match Style Guide for Nude Fashion Items

Outfit Ideas with Nude Belt

This can be either matte or shiny, but I recommend it to be skinny, so that it works well with all the office wear as well as the party wear. Now, I try different accent colors throughout this post to add some pop to the nude beiges, but you may change that accent color depending on what’s already there in your closet, or your personal favorites, or the trends. I have tried most basic accent colors like blue, green, red, pink. Here’s how to pair it with different outfits for every occasion…

Mix and Match Style casual_work_outfits__womens_fashion_style_guide_for_every_occasion


Mix and Match Style with Nude Nail Polish

This is so in, and I personally love, love, love it! If you don’t believe me, check out the Grammy Red Carpet 2015 looks! It varies from pinkish-white that almost looks like you have no nail polish on, to mocha tones. The one I completely stand by is Choco-Latte by Sally Hansen.



Mix and Match Style with Nude Lipstick

This here is I think the trickiest one, because it depends a lot on your natural lip color and skin tone to define what looks “nude” on your face. Generally I have seen that on lighter skin tones, pinkish beige shades look better, and on medium skin tones, beige to coffee shades look better. Basically the idea is that your lips should not look washed out or disappear. The one I go by is Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Satisfaction. Nude lipsticks can be worn with practically anything, and you can dress the makeup look up and down too.



Mix and Match Fashion with Nude Handbag

How can you not love the nude handbag. I have found every girl to possess at least one, be it a lighter shade, or darker, and perhaps it is also the go-to choice of gift color in handbags, for good reason too! I recommend a small modern-looking fringe handbag with clean lines and little embellishment. Here’s its style guide!



Mix and Match Outfits with Nude Stilettos

Last but not the least, I think a pair of comfortable suede medium-heeled pumps in nude color would totally be a find for any modern-day woman. Nude colored shoes are also a great idea to start with if you’re building an all neutral wardrobe. They could be high or low heeled, or flat shoes, depending on your taste. But here is what I recommend:



So, it’s been a long post, but hope putting in all the extra hours was worth it, and it’s helpful for all you stylish divas! Give your own ideas to what else is a must-have item for us, “nude” or not!! Tweet us @shilpa1ahuja!

Check out another Mix and Match Style Guide/ outfit with nude items in my article Celebrity Oscar Dresses Inspired Street Fashion/Party Outfit Ideas

Muaah 🙂

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